Community Writing

Hey all,

Here is a little game that came to mind as I was reading a little something today. The game is simple: Everyone post adds a paragraph to the story. Here are the rules:

  • No double posting

  • Don't ignore what the person wrote before you. If a person posted while you were writing, please correct your post or change the content to [DELETED].

  • If you spot inconsistencies between the 2 latest posts, wait a day before posting (or at least until the last post is edited -you may post a placeholder to notify the last poster of the inconsistency)

  • Try to not write more than 6-7 sentences, but more than 1.

General forum rules apply. No prohibition on swearing but try to keep it at minimum; just enough to add some flavor to the characters if needed. Explicit erotica not allowed.

Here is the first paragraph:

As I've turned in my sleep, I started to feel odd. I've felt that something just wasn't right as I've slowly escaped the dreams' grasp; I've slowly opened my eyes, and a burning sensation overcame me as the intense light felt as if it could pierce my retina any moment. I looked around, still hazy from the weird awakening while trying to focus my vision.

RE: Community Writing

As the blurs before me slowly began defining themselves, I find that I am shackled to a sparse cot at both wrists and ankles with loose chains. Additionally, the bright light is cast by a focused lamp not unlike those found in shady good-cop/bad-cop routines. The rest of the room is lost in shadow as the sole light is currently directed at my face.

As if waiting for me to wake up, somebody behind the lamp clears his or her throat, presumably in preparation to speak with me.

RE: Community Writing

"Good morning, Katya," a raspy voice said. "Are you ready to talk yet?"

"What do you mean?" I asked. My head throbbed, my ears rang, and my ribs burned in pain. Have I been tortured? Why can't I remember anything?

A hand covered my eyes and pressed my head against the cot. The voice whispered into my ear, "I know you've been in contact with the Celestial Wings, and I want you to tell me, little girl, where is their hideout?"

Was that too long? ^^;

RE: Community Writing

Celestial Wings, The Legion of the combined forces of Devils and Demons. I only knew them through the fairy tales my Grandparents used to tell me when I was little. Stories about the Legion trying to overthrow Great Archdevil Lucifer, who is the reigning supreme ruler of Evil and Chaos that roots to the infancy of everything. The Legion, accusing Lucifer to be one of God's pawn so when the time of judgment comes, everything will fall into God's will including Evil and Chaos. Upon remembering these memories, my head starts to hurt, the origin of the pain came from the hands that covered my eyes a while ago.

Err.. Just trying~