This is a list of fictions here on RoyalRoadl that are written by members of The Order Of Phantasmal Architects. All the below stories meet our requirements on content and quality.  If you're looking for something to read you're certain to find something you like here.

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The Iron Teethby ClearMadness the nameless goblin slave ever wanted was not to be beaten by his masters too much, and to eat as much as he could shove into his mouth when no one was looking.

Instead, he is drugged and whisked away to the far off Iron Teeth Mountains. Will he be able to survive there and evolve into something more than a simple goblin? To stay alive he will have to deal with hordes of deadly monsters, fit in among human bandits, and carve a bloody path through the forests of the North.

However, first he has to get over his crippling fear of trees, and survive in a place where everything considers him to be the perfect size for a quick snack…
Tidal Lockby ResonantIce has finally taken the next step into space. Governments run research stations throughout the solar system while private enterprises mine asteroids for rare metals and exotic minerals. However, space remains beyond the reach of the everyday person. In contrast, virtual reality technology has led to an explosion of full immersion entertainment for the average consumer, and many people turned to VR for the thrill of spaceflight.

One game, Parallax Gate, lets its players experience living in an interstellar civilization. For maximum realism, its developers created a world solely defined by the players’ personal skills and ability.

Mark Asami, a student of aerospace engineering at MIT, dreams of bringing spaceflight to the masses. To his disappointment, his first year courses barely relate to his interests, so he passes time as Aero Rayne in Parallax Gate with his roommate and their organization, the Temple Wraiths. Before they realized, a chain of in-game events drew them deeper into the game’s world and politics than they ever intended to go.
Of Astral and Umbralby Luciferia, a.k.a Bonnie L. Price, a world of gods and magic, was plunged into chaos when a rift formed between the Elder Gods. In their arrogance, they murdered dozens of children who were candidates to become the ‘God of Balance’. In the wake of the massacre, Nalithor Vraelimir, a prideful prince, was selected for the position. However, Nalithor has his own agenda.

Elsewhere on Avrirsa, an Umbral Mage known as Arianna Jade Black fights to save her people. Despite her efforts to protect them she is ostracized for her affinity with darkness. With shattered memories and few confidants, Arianna begins to question her and her brother’s true origins.

A chance encounter between these two souls may change both their destinies, and possibly the history of Avrirsa itself.
How to Survive a Summoning 101by Durrendal was supposed to be the end for Rigel. Unfortunately, he caught the interest of a vile god.

Ripped away from his world and all that he holds dear, Rigel is thrust into the ruthless world of Sangraal, where gods walk amongst mortals. Millennia of strife and bloodshed had come to an uneasy end as the mortal races have forged a fragile truce, but the gods have different plans. With the threat of awakening dragon-lords and the treacherous war of gods looming, fire and blood is set to wash over Sangraal once again.

Forced to work for a despicable god, Rigel must gather his wits and dirty tricks to survive this brutal and unforgiving world. He must also face his own inner darkness which threatens to twist him to something he doesn’t want to be. To navigate the quagmires of lies and betrayal, Rigel needs power.

But power comes at a price, and for Rigel, that price might be too high…
Not a Heroby theDeva 109 years after the demon king’s death, a new one is born. The kingdom of Cumaria has faced this threat for ages and are resolved to overthrow the demon king again. Their solution, the summoning of heroes. An ancient magic that summons three heroes endowed with great potential.

What happens if they summon one more?

Follow Boris, the inadvertent addition to the heroes, as he tries to make a place for himself in a world of magic. Meanwhile his friends are chosen heroes, destined to kill the demon lord.
Clock Linkby mataaitai 1st. For eight minutes, a section of downtown Portland and everyone in it comes to a complete and absolute standstill. During that time a bank is robbed… and a young girl is murdered.

Three high school students, a shut in, a man involved in organized crime, and an amateur magician. The events of “the day the world stopped” start a chain reaction that will change the destinies of these six people, and the city, forever.
Twisted Cogsby Inky Llama X , a.k.a Maddirose an alternate version of Renaissance Italy, where art, technology and science are seeing their greatest boom, random people all over the world are suddenly struck with “”The Storm””; magical superpowers which all related to arts, craft, sculpture and magical invention.

At first, it seems to Elena Lucciano that she’s been given the worst of all abilities…but when she leaves home to join the Studios, like Academies for her kind, she may discover that sometimes powers are more than what they seem…
Don't Feed the Darkby S.Scherr, a.k.a Scott Scherr malevolent has awoken in Northeast Ohio. Former acquaintances, neighbors, loved ones-all at random-transform into flesh-craving monsters hell bent on devouring the living. Corpses are rising from their places of unrest. Nocturnal animal-man hybrids hunt in packs. The dead are awakening from within the living…

By morning, the sun weeps over streets splattered blood-red as an unsettling silence soon follows, lulling the broken remains of society into believing the blood bath is over. Survivors gather to lick their wounds and salvage what is left of their ravished lives as local governments struggle to maintain law and order.

As a second wave approaches, a handful of survivors from all walks of life must put aside their differences and band together to escape the pending slaughter while storm clouds begin to gather from within their fragile community. Some who were once respectable in the eyes of society will devolve into madness while the despicable rise to the occasion in a world no longer respecting of persons.

It is their world now. The dead are hungry and do not discriminate.
Nowhere Island Universityby T4nky Jacobs was just another kid from suburban US. No super powers, no special skills, and, more importantly, no direction. With his senior year of high school coming to an end, Nate is approached by representatives of the international law agency, UNIX. They want him, as well as a team of two other teenagers to infiltrate a college in the mid Pacific called Nowhere Island University.

However, Nowhere Island University is not a normal school. Nate, due to enrolling in the Academy of Military Science as part of his mission, is thrust into the brutal Hell Semester, a special course for the people who want to be mercenaries. There, he meets mob hitmen, former child soldiers, mysterious martial artists, cat girls working for secret societies, and many more strange people.

Meanwhile, events outside NIU are transpiring, threatening to destroy the world, or maybe just kill a huge amount of people. Can Nathan stop it? Or will he die in Hell Semester?
Archonby Bearcat

Since the late 19th Century, humanity has been pushing itself at a breakneck pace towards a single convergence of technology and development. Estimated to occur in the mid 2020’s, this pivotal moment is commonly referred to as the Singularity.

After five years of research, college student Adrian Pierce manages to crack the code first and create the world’s first robust artificial intelligence in the year 2016. Disgusted by society as it is, especially governing bodies, he decides to use his unique position to alter the tenuous balance that greed and corruption had given birth to. With his extraordinary mind, Adrian plots and plans, designing new technologies with his assistant A.I., becoming secretly embroiled in the world of politics, subterfuge, and research. As his influence increases, governments and the general populace alike scramble to discover just who the man behind Archon Industries really is.
DSCS: Nexusby jenkinrocket, a.k.a Justin Jenkins the deep of space, a fully automated battle school instructs students and prepares them for leadership in the military, politics, and business. But the station holds secrets that none on board suspect, and when things go wrong the students must find answers for themselves.
The Life of a Soldierby Sayl-san by abnormal parents, he goes to join the army. However somethings seem to be out of place. Memories of people are fuzzy, things seem wrong. Making friends is easy in the army, what if they are not what they seem. Abilities that make you strong, can also make you reckless. this story is one of betrayels, twists, and confusion.

The story is dark and some parts are brutal and gory to an extent which people might find off-putting.
Jake and the Dynamoby D. G. D. Davidson’s the near future, and most of the universe has decided that humanity needs to die. Decimated by relentless attacks from aliens, monsters, eldritch abominations, and demons from hell, human civilization has been reduced to a single city: Urbanopolis, mankind’s last refuge. Fortunately for us, the forces of goodness have decided to give us a small advantage in the war for our existence … by granting random superpowers to emotionally volatile young girls.

However, fourteen-year-old Jake Blatowski isn’t much concerned with the monsters and magical battles that plague the city. Instead, he’s looking forward to his first year of high school, but an error on his transcript sends him back—to fifth grade! Worse yet, he soon discovers that his sullen and sarcastic classmate Dana Volt is really the city’s most electrifying protectress, Magical Girl Pretty Dynamo. As if that weren’t shocking enough, the monsters that formerly attacked at random now have a definite target: they’re all after him!

Can Jake escape the monsters? Can he unravel the mystery of humanity’s enemies? Can he convince Dana to stop zapping him with her stun gun?

Probably not. But Jake and the Dynamo will crank up an adventure that’s sure to be electro-CUTE … and a certain preteen powerhouse might learn that even the best Dynamo sometimes needs backup.
The Oddity: The One Who Does Not Belongby Eyeball1844 purple ball descended from the sky, a gift from the primordial dragons, granting many races of the world access to magic. Unfortunately, humans were not one of those. During the great war, the magicless humans were nothing more than fodder, meat shields. Until one day, their powers awakened.

After the war, with the ability to now wield, fire, water, earth, wind, or lightning, powerful magicians gathered to build a safe haven for humans, the Kaldora Empire.

Before the humans had magic, other races prospered with it. But, within their midst, there were… oddities. People with an affinity for two elements. Each one leaving some sort of disaster in their wake. Each one, not quite fit for this world.

A young boy’s family, killed in an accident, only he and his sister survived the night. After that, they were split up, each taken in by a different relative.

It has been eight years since the flames engulfed his home and most of his family. With his magic powers finally showing itself, he goes off to a magic academy to better learn about his newfound powers. But as he grows, something else does as well. The voice inside his head, the thing that influences his thoughts, the monster that he wish was gone, the devil inside his heart.

This is a tale about connections.
The Legion of Nothingby zoetewey, a.k.a Jim Zoetewey Klein is your average high school geek–if you can still count as average when your grandfather is a retired superhero, and you’ve been trained in the martial arts by his friend, a mysterious, immortal mercenary.

After his grandfather dies, Nick inherits the Rocket suit, the last suit of powered armor his grandfather made, as well as his grandfather’s team’s base, and all the equipment inside it. 

Years ahead of powered armor developed by governments around the world, the Rocket suit allows its wearer to lift tons, shrug off bullets and manipulate sound. 

Now supplied with everything they need, Nick and his friends, descendants of his grandfather’s teammates, attempt to bring back a superhero team that was originally formed during World War 2. 

Along the way they’ll face the normal problems of high school (bullies, homework, and dating), and the less normal problems like supervillians and mysteries left over from their grandparents’ past.
Negative ManBy OutspanFoster Pentcross has achieved his lifelong dream of being a level one hundred adventurer on his homeworld Eternity Ring, a massive ringworld in which strength and a person’s level dictate how society functions.

But Davin is old. When he loses everything he holds dear, Davin discovers an odd ring in an ancient dungeon. The moment he puts it on, he loses a level. In exchange for returned youth, the ring saps his powers and makes him lose a level everyday until he is killed or becomes a level one again. In a world where a person’s level means everything, Davin is doomed to become weaker and must use his experience to survive the harsh world of the Eternity Ring.
The Chosen Starsby Benjinator12 planet Cybertron hangs in an uneasy state of cold war. The warring factions of the Autobots and Decepticons have brokered a tenuous peace, but tensions are still high. The revolutionary leader Megatron has prepared for a covert mission that will take him beyond explored space in search of an artifact that might finally allow his rebellion to succeed. Meanwhile, a disaffected youth named Airazor searches for a greater purpose, and learns of an Autobot operation to apprehend the former Decepticon leader. The Autobots and Decepticons converge on a world both alien and hauntingly familiar in a battle that will decide the fate of the galaxy.

An original continuity- a new Transformers universe featuring elements both referential and original, crafted to tell a completely different kind of Transformers story.
The Wardenby E. C. Gryffith, a.k.a. hamberkler, a delinquent and truant, works part time for one of the best kept secrets in the multiverse: the Wardens, an interdimensional agency responsible for keeping people from wandering too far from their home realms. Adam lives a happy life on Earth with a loving family where his biggest problem comes in the form of his mysterious classmate, and sometimes friend, Nora. When the two wind up stranded in an impossibly distant realm along with their entire class, they must both do their part to not only find a way home, but to find a way to protect themselves and their peers from an uncertain threat. Unbeknownst to them, danger lurks in all corners, and as they find themselves swept up into the world of interdimensional politics, they may find that the decisions they make will warp the very fabric of the multiverse.
Life Magicby LeoDuhVinci, a.k.a Leo Petracci was always overshadowed by her sister, who was gifted by Air Magic while her own talents failed to develop.  But as time passes, she discovers that she may have been gifted with something else- something with the power to change the world.  Join her as she is recruited by a mysterious mage in a race against the Shadows.
The Eagle's Flightby Quill, a.k.a D. E. Olesen
https%3A%2F%2Froyalroadlupload.blob.core.windo...400x600pngConflict is always lurking beneath the surface in the realms of Adalmearc. Power is scattered amongst many in its multiple forms: the authority of kings and noblemen, the military might of the knight order, the spiritual influence of the priesthoods, and the economic control of the guilds. With the death of a king, all are free to pursue their own agenda, and each is the hero of his or her own story. In the end, only one may remain: one winner, one hero, one story. Will it be a jarl, a knight, a squire, a commoner, or someone else?

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Completed Fictions
Monsters Dwell in Menby Monsoon117, a.k.a Benjmain Hewitt living his life free of the pains of reality, Jack finds himself at the mercy of the evils around him. As he finally escapes the talons of bane and burden however, he finds himself harboring a force of cataclysm that threatens to engulf all that lives.

Fighting the fate forced on him, Jack and the monster named Deluge struggle in a world saturated in darkness blacker than obsidian and light blazing brighter than fire. Experience Jack’s tale through his and Deluge’s eyes as they not only augment and evolve beyond what is human, but the world warps in their wake.
From Winter's Ashesby RochefortWrites, a.k.a Patrick Rochefort & Keith Aksland Detective with nothing left to lose, against a Necromancer with the world to gain.

In a world where everyone wields magic, you need a detective as quick with a spell as she is with her wits.

A necromancer forced Detective Heather Blackthorne to watch as he butchered her husband and son, and then stole their bones. She thought it was the worst moment of her life. She was wrong.

It’s a year later, with her life shattered and her career in ruins, her last shot at redemption has gone terribly wrong. Heather is sent in disgrace to the high North by the Church she serves. And what peace is to be found in that quiet arctic outpost is all too quickly broken, as her past comes hunting for far more than her, this time.
Godpunkby BillyHiggins world is ending, and it’s all George’s fault. Can the ace reporter figure out who’s trying to kill the universe? Can he deal with the metal dragon, Death Cult, and Angel of Death he meets along the way?

It doesn’t matter, if he doesn’t care. It doesn’t matter if he gives up on the world.
How Do You QA Test a Tsundere Android!?by DarkClaymore recently getting his first-degree in Computer Science, Nick now searches for a hi-tech job as a QA tester. His attention is immediately drawn toward Anomalia, a company which develops the most advanced androids in the world. However, his road toward winning the position is far from smooth and the androids he comes across are very different from what he imagined…
Monok's Bones: Discoveryby Monoksbones, a.k.a. Scott Murray the young wolf Kabian as he grows through trials and tribulations in an attempt to close the gap between wolves and humans. With the help of the dead god Monok and the exiled god Volg will Kabian and his allies be able to bring peace to the island?

Enjoy your reading!