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RE: Last event of 2015

"Hello it seams you have an error either 1. Refresh and make every penguin suffer (all shall suffer mwahahahahah) *cough* pay no attention to that it 2. Report this to the staff through pm or thread and if those 2 things don't work then you'll have to suffer (yes suffer let me see you suffer) hmm what was that I didn't hear anything any ways hope this helped" -the one true top god (reverse for dog) srnovels and your friendly staff team

RE: Last event of 2015

"Fret not fellow Penguin, 'tis but a simple error 500! Let the madness of suffering tr waiting flow through thee, as the One True Solution is to await rescue, from the Genrals Of the Mighty Penguin Empire!"

"Clearly too many penguins are flocking together at this place, abort thine mission of goodness and join the Dark Side... We got cookies, unicorns and plenty of stories!"
-DoM member.

"What is this? This is not a part Of the Mighty Empire og Penguins! Is this TREASON I smell from you? BEGONE, PENGUIN. 'Tis is not a place for thee."
-The 404 error be damned!

"A disturbance in thr Force has causes serious damage to the Empire. May thr Cookie be with thee."
-Lord of Cookies

"Since time memorial, the members of Madness has lurked in thr shadows... Growing stronger by each chapter posted, each reply made. They feast upon cookies, madness and cure things. Hey are the Den of Madness, the true leaders of the Dsrk Side, and allows with the Empire of Penguins. members of the Order will always have the Mark of the Den in their respective title."


That be all!
Hope it's not too late! (18:40 my time!)

EDIIIIT: Just in case you guys won't make any happy new Year announcements (I'm courting you doing it anyway!) i just want to say: HAPPY NEW YEAR ROYAL ROAD LEGENDS! And thank you for yet another wonderful Year!

All Hail the Penguin Empire!

RE: Last event of 2015

"Hell no, the 404 bug is happening again."

"The what?"

"404 buggy error; The HTML I typed is not wrong. What's the problem."

"It's Http; you probably used the "!" Not command. It'll never work."

"How so? HTML and Http are the same."

"Http is an Internet Protocol; HTML is a programming Language. The disparity is clear. Check again."

"Hah, it's blank now." "I erased the "!"."

"Then you probably have no Internet."

RE: Last event of 2015

Where I'm at this is ten minutes late but I was Watching Star Wars VII... Anyway, this was co-authored with "a guy I know" a.k.a. Felix, with the hope of being appropriate for any unforeseen error....

To whom it may concern,

Here at Royal Road, we value the safety of our penguins above all else. In keeping with this, we have strived to create a community where every penguin feels accepted and appreciated.

However, whatever we may do to strengthen our community from within, we cannot always predict what threats may come from without. It is for this reason that we implemented the Orca Duty System. When a single server becomes too crowded, one randomly selected penguin will be shunted from the site, to act as a lure for digital predators.

We are happy to inform you that you have been selected for Orca Duty. While the waters may be cold, we know that you will be kept warm by the knowledge that your brave sacrifice will serve to increase the safety of your fellow sphenisciformes.

Furthermore, if you have gotten this far into this message, it is likely that you have not yet been eaten. We wish you continued success in your survival, and look forward to seeing you again.

Royal Road Cybersecurity

NOTE: Due to a technical glitch, pangolins are sometimes selected for Orca Duty. We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience this may cause and recommend filing a complaint with the administration if you feel that your selection was unwarranted.