RE: Last event of 2015

Congratulations! You receive the power "Fix Error 404"!

You now have the power to annoy the game gods! Refresh several times per minute!   
Extra: You have 2% chance of breaking the game god's server! 

Option: You can discard this power by calling the game gods instead, 50% chance of getting achievement points!

Congratulations! You receive the power "Fix Error 500"!

Option 1: click refresh 1x, get extra stamina if you want to continue reading or writing in RoyalRoadL

Option 2: click refresh 50x, get revenge for the negative reviews or comments your receive!


sorry, this is my first time creating tables.

side note:

why is my font getting smaller?

RE: Last event of 2015

I was once known as the ultimate link...
...Now, however, look at me.
Worthless. Utter worthless! That is my name, a total mistake! A waste of time!
Avenge me, please... I beg of you, avenge me! Fix me! Fix this mistake, that is known as I.
...You know what, you go ahead and grab a working link... That is better, for the two of us. This place needs a person who takes over all the hate, when all those links refuse to work... So be it. Let me take on their hatred with my worthlessness. Let me take over their wrath; their frustration, alone, with the waste of space known as myself. Go ahead, young warrior, and continue your adventure. Return to the land of the working links, and move on. My only wish... is that you never forget someone like me, who acts in the background, and takes care of those links that don't work... and receive the hate for every 404.
Knowing that people such as you exist, makes my life just a tad bit easier--rewarding, even.
Now go, young warrior, and complete your destiny! Bathe in the blood of dragons, absorb the lives of gods and conquer worlds!

One Random Internal Server Error.... For Fun

You know, trying to refresh the webpage displaying this error is like trying to milk a stone; it just doesn't work. Seriously, please contact an admin of RoyalRoadl or have a moderator pass the message on to them. It makes your life much easier. Here, have a cookie... wait, you don't deserve one. Impress cynzfirefly or Wing to get one.

~PS, 500 error-chan doesn't like you either. Stop refreshing.

RE: Last event of 2015


Target: The Lost Page
Description: Locate and capture the dreaded lost page by continually pressing refresh. Though the page is known to be elusive, you, brave hero, may be the one to capture this menace! Should you fail in this task, do not fret, the Lords and Ladies that govern this domain may have more information to provide to the would-be heroes. Report with haste so that such a being with not have time to disrupt our nations safety!

Insert table above.

I'm tired, maybe this works? Alas, to many good ones from what I've skimmed through.

Or duplicate my text, thats cool too i suppose

RE: Last event of 2015

"Psst. I think we've stumbled onto a chamber that should best be left forgotten. The sign says: Den of Errors."

Curious, the user glanced at the strange error he had received. The message went on, "Uhm, we're not supposed to be here... there's nothing in this misbegotten place."

Both bemused and irked, the user went on to refresh the page. Once, twice, thrice he tried. He should've stopped, sought help. But his perseverance, although fruitless, knew no bounds.

Night and day argued with one another. They struggled 404 times with one another to switch places as the user abused and tormented the Refresh Button and his F5 key. 404 days became 500; and 500 became 505. Until, finally, the futility of his stubbornness had became apparent.

Bored, yet not defeated, the mighty user did what he should've tried after the first few refreshes. He sought help from the mighty penguins, dragons and beer addicts that compose this here site's staff.

Maybe make the last phrase a link to help with ticketing. Happy holidays, everyone! Thanks for all the effort you've put into RRL this past year and I hope to find all of you in good health in the year to come. ^-^

RE: Last event of 2015

This is low-key, I love this idea xD

Here's mine:


This is the error song~

You've encountered an error: 404~

The page you need waddled off somewhere~

This little penguin can't find it for you so it's trying to let you know~

So just get an admin to fix it~ (or at least contact them~)

This is the error song~~

RE: Last event of 2015

i don't know if this is maybe to long :)

This is NOT mine but a friend of mines who is quite good with this stuff so i am posting this on his behalf.

There is nowhere to hide

There is nowhere to run The demon is inside:

 I'm the moon and the sun

 I'm the love and the hate

 I'm your joy and your pain

 Your present and your fate

 Your freedom and your chain

 I fill your eyes with tears

 I fill your life with ease

 I fill your heart with fears

And I do as I please

 I'm inside of your mind

 I'm inside of your soul

I'll always be behind

 To keep you in the hole

 Lose your hopes to survive

 I live under your skin

Only the ache will thrive

 As you die from your sin

 Lament in vain Weakling

 But I will never go

This is the beginning

 Of the reign of your foe

 I'm like a parasite

 Who just feeds on your veins

 I ravage and I smite Until nothing remains

 As you burn in hell-fire With monsters and witches

 I will build my empire On top of your ashes

 Then I'll sit on my throne And I'll dust your decays

 I'll make this world my own For the rest of my days

 And I'll watch you ALL burn

 While laughing at your screams

It'll never be my turn I'm the king of my dreams

 I will sing on your cranes

 I will dance on your bones

 I'll trample on your brains

 As you expire in groans

 I'll paint red all the walls

 And turn off all the lights

 I'll make springs into falls

 And all days into nights

 Darkness will be my friend

 And we'll rule together

I don't want dreams to end

 They should last forever

Yet the door is closing Back to reality

 The curtain is falling Farewell my fantasy!

 As we suffer inside In silence every day

 We keep trying to hide All of our pain away

 Well sometimes I lie down I close my eyes and fade

 I wear my dusty crown And rule the realm I made.

RE: Last event of 2015

[Ultimate Threat of All Penguins]

By the power of 404,
that my black blade of non-existentialism,
may entice the annoying penguins,
into destroying this realm of,
legends for the savior that,
holds the blade of vorpal annihilation,
that preaches my doom.

Oh dead slaves of mine,
shadows of these careless penguins,
may you forever spread my name,
Refresh, emperor of all necromancers!

[hero for a hobby, slayer of the apocalypse]

Sorry, I'm not a zombie-penguin,
I'm here to beat your ass,
with the ultimate juggernaut,
Ragnarok of the administrators,
Support ticket!

RE: Last event of 2015

Your page is missing or not found, you have encountered a 404.
But what is a 404 you ask?

Unfortunately, you have meddled with powers too deep and places too obscure.
The path you took has danger, excitement and cravings with no cure.
What cannot be found here, may be found behind, but you must search to remain sane.
Your mind must remain powerful, and for that you must train.

You have many chapters ahead, let that remain clear.
As long as you keep going, just look elsewhere and persevere!
If you look and cannot find, it will seem like a chore.
But that, far and wide, is known as a 404!

RE: Last event of 2015

*Sorry, a mischievous penguin pulled out the cable. We are working on it!"

"System message: This penguin is in hibernated state. Come back later."

"The page is not available for you. You should have deleted your browser history."

"After he/she pressed the button on his/her mouse, the page did not show up. After checking the time he/she decided to wait and mash the refresh button continuously. It was futile. I said futile. It won't work no matter how much you try. Just stop. Stop please. They are doing it, just wait a few minutes please... please stop..."

"Your penguin is being updated. Check back a few minutes later."

RE: Last event of 2015


Error, Error, on my screen,
Why do you have to be so mean?
Sitting there and mocking me,
Why won't you go away and set me free?

Please, Oh please, Error 404,
Don't come back and haunt me anymore.
Whatever did I do to you?
For you to make me feel so blue!

I click Refresh like a man gone mad,
but no refreshment is to be had.
Relief, it hides in the shadows and avoids me.
Only a report to Admin might set me free!

So Error know I'm coming for you!
After I pout and cry and boohoo,
'Cause there's stories here I want to read!
So I'll sit here and F5 until either you (or I) am dead!

RE: Last event of 2015

"Your navigation page has been reincarnated as an evil error page aka Error 404. refreshing will not bring you to your old world. the only solution is to send a message to the demon lords known as admins, for they will open a portal for you!"

"your navigation page has been summoned to the world of error 500, using the spell Refresho the refresh button may or may not send you back to your world."

RE: Last event of 2015


Formal version:

The page you're looking for doesn't seem to exist, this could be for several reasons:

  • The author removed/hid the page

  • The link to the page is spelled wrong

What to do if you believe the page is of any importance:

  • Contact the author

  • If the page is one of RRL main page, contact the staff here


  • Refresh the page, this will only put more of a load on RRL servers and does nothing

  • Spam pms to admins or authors

RE: Last event of 2015

"What is this 500 Error" (Red)
"Can we smash it with a hammer?" (Yellow)
"Whats wrong with you? Just hit refresh." (Blue)
"No don't!" (Green)
"To late..." (Blue)
"Sigh, Now its a 404 Error." (Green)
"It's not my fault." (Blue)
"Thats why I said we should hit it." (Yellow)
"Is it that bad?" (Red)
"Well it could be worse..." (Green)
"What does this button do?" (Red)
"Noooo!" (Green)

The page you are looking for has been incinerated please perform Necromancy to continue.