Last event of 2015

You have until 30/12  to participate in the last event of 2015.

And this time, it is different from every other event.
Because this time, we will pick one submission and use it on RRL almost right away!

Every Error page that will be seen on RoyaRoadL,  could now be something that you wrote!
It is simple..
Just write something catchy, interesting or funny - something that would be worthy of being RRL awesome error page.
It could be a poem, or a super-duper-100-words-short-story. Whatever you can imagine it to be.
Just write it, and submit it by replying to this post!

Oh and of course because it is the season for giving - every participant will get an achievement.

EDIT by kanadaj:

12/29/2015 01:33:50kanadaj Wrote: [ -> ]Guys. Before you go on with this madness. Refreshing a page will not fix a 404 error, should probably say something along the lines of "if something is meant to be here, contact the staff and report the issue" for that one.

EDIT: Mind, encouraging refreshing on an error page (especially a 404 one) could easily overload the site... It's a different issue on a 500 error, refreshing might fix that, although if it happens on a bigger scale, it breaks the server even more if you refresh a lot ;) .

EDIT by Curvinho
To explain it better, a 404 error means page not found.
Basically, it'll show when the link followed doesn't lead to any page.
There is no fixing it by refreshing or something else, but if the user found that page by following a link on the site, it should be reported.
That's the information the message should contain.

RE: Last event of 2015

" Error page not found! Click refresh 100 times and it will most likely not help you, in fact it will do the opposite,  just chill out and come back later" 

" The site is overloaded with penguins! Join them in their attempt to access and overload the site or Come back later and help ease the traffic "

" the site is currently down, keep pressing the refresh button and you'll be screwing the site and the moderators "

" the connection timed out! Something's wrong with the site but most likely It's your browsers fault! If error persists, it just Proves that Its the cause of your browser, try internet  explorer it might help " sarcastic penguin

" Behold! you have discovered the error 404 page! there's of little importance here so you should just go back and tell the moderators you found something valuable! " confused and conflicted penguin

{ I Love the moderators here! they are so attentive :) }

RE: Last event of 2015

Error? What is that?

"I never felt it..." Someone said.

"Is it the blue screen of death?" A person that appeared out of nowhere said that.

"Is it a blue cranyon?" What is this person thinking?

"We can eat it?" There is someone that is hungry...

"Guys... I think... that error is-

Please refresh  to continue to read this story.

RE: Last event of 2015

404 error
Page not found.
You could spam refresh, but I doubt that'd work. Try again in a few moments perhaps? Why don't you contact the Admins?

Nobody here but us penguins.

There was a page here but we seem to have misplaced it. Come back later or try refreshing the page.
- Penguin Guild


So do we. If you're seeing this, you're not reading. Why don't you try refreshing the page?

500 error
Eh, seems like the server doesn't wanna talk to you. Maybe it'll work if you give it enough cookies?

500 error - Don't worry, we've got a team of professionals working on it right now. *insert image of penguin with a hard hat and hammer*

I've got more ideas... somewhere.

Readers they flock
Whiling the hours away.

Oh hark, ye poor soul
For the error is not your goal
Fear not as they are not here to stay.

Reincarnation, martial arts
Each story written in parts
"Refresh! It helps!" I say.

Warning, 404 error encountered. Likely-hood of defeating this foe is 0%. Only the Admins can save you now.

Warning, 500 error encountered. Likely-hood of defeating this foe is uncertain. Do you take on the challenge of facing this foe?


Y: You shall take up the almighty sword, Refresh, and slay this foe. In the event that you run out of stamina, you may always come back later to try again.

N: Well, come back later. The 500 error might have wandered off by then.

404 error encountered. Replicating the following is ill advised.
Why don't you contact the Admins instead?

500 error encountered. Replicating the following may or may not work.
Why don't you try again later?

*There's also the original gif, but the shortened loop is more fitting I think.

RE: Last event of 2015

"Have no fear, error is here! Wait that's not a good thing...."

"Don't worry this isn't an error page you just broke the 4th wall. To bad there's a 5th wall."

"OOOOooooh! Look it's the mythical error page! Now where's the blue screen of death?"

"This isn't an error, it's always been like this."

RE: Last event of 2015

AHEM! Sir, or, you know, ma'am. I do believe that the page you are searching for isn't found. Could be our fault, might be yours though, never quite know for sure.

Something you could do is refresh the page, and make your browser awfully slow as it tries to connect to these downed servers. Or, you could check one of those wonderful, "Is [Insert Site here] down?"

If it's your first time here, please don't just leave and never come back, the refresh button is there for a reason. Ignore what was written above and continue to press it until the site loads. If it is our fault, then we take full responsibility, not because we should, but because it'd make us seem like a better site.

RE: Last event of 2015

404 Error! O o onii-chan, O o onee-chan please forgive me! Please contact t t the staff.

404 Error, hmmm what is that, let me search for it in the dictionary. It says contact the staff.

500 Error! Welcome to the Penguin Hub! This is the hub where everyone refreshes.

500 Error, try refreshing a few times. If it works, please come back again.

500 Error? Lets sit down drink some tea, read something, do something, play something or even sleep. Live the lazy life and check again a hour or 2 later if refreshing doesn't work.

404 Error! Please insert 2 dollars to reach the staff.

RE: Last event of 2015

Is your fault or not your fault that is the question!

Errors they are only signs from the heavens telling you its time do something else. :P

Every Error begins with Err... So come on down to the error store and pick up some thing beautiful for that someone error in your life.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...Error!!!!! Sorry the new year has been cancelled come back later!

Here are my ideas :)

RE: Last event of 2015

"I cannot believe you found this page! Congratulations dedicated 'Royal Roader'. Now if you'd like to continue being magnificent, feel free to refresh the page and we'll try our best to get it loaded for you. If you'd rather remain on this page however, I'll treat you to my pre-programmed favorite joke.


Can't think of anything...uh...

Ju-just refresh the page please".

RE: Last event of 2015

"Every penguin at their post!
We just lost the network host!

There's no need to despair,
Just relax while we repair.

You just found a page error,
Click refresh to get one more.

We just finished right on time,
Click refresh and you'll be fine."

There once was a wandering mage,
That went on a clicking rage.
He wanted to read,
But couldn't succeed,
And ended at this page.