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Where did the girls go?

I have finals coming in a month so I can't really lurk around the forum as much as before anymore but... Scarluuuuuuuuust ! I trusted you to keep the number around 0 !!! You betrayed meeeeee 


On the side note, I missed quite an interesting debate.

I'll just put in my two cents' saying I do understand the desperate lack of feedback for new authors. Writing is really time-consuming, and without feedback, it's difficult to say if you're doing things right and if your story is worth to continue or not. Because, let's be honest. Not a lot of us actually write for themselves. Some do, but I'm pretty sure they're a minority. Personally, I don't. I'd love to tell you I write for my own person, to grow as a writer, but that would be a lie. I do enjoy writing, but I've never really wanted to become a writer, so there is no real interest for me to write only to improve my storytelling skills. Nah. I don't write for myself, I write for the others. As the author, I know how my own story goes and how it finishes, so what would be the point to write it down if not for the others? I started writing it because I wanted to share it, but to be honest, I people hadn't shown inerest in it, then I wouldn't have continued it. ANd I'm pretty sure a lot of people feel the same.

That being said, the race for fame is totally different. Dropping a story (or worse, deleting it) just because it didn't become as popular as you intended it to be is definitely not cool. I have followed quite a number of new stories, giving full review of each chapter to help the authors, only for them to end end deleting their story. So yeah, I couldn't help ut feel betrayed and feel like I've wasted my time those times, but then again, not everyone wil be willing to spend hours of their life to write a single chapter for only a few couple of readers. So i guess it's all about balance, in the end.

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(And here I go missing once again!)

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Now you mention it, I don't think I've ever asked myself why I write or who I write for. A large part of the reason I initially started writing on here was because I wanted to give back to the community which had offered me so many new and exciting things. Somewhere along the way though I think I truly began enjoying the concept of writing a novel. But although I had this new vision I have never had the time to exist as both a reader and a writer.

There was a period two years ago where I took a 6 month break from Royal Road because I was showing a lot of traits of addiction to it, constantly binging entire 300 chapter novels whilst procrastinating to high hell and sleeping for 4 hours at night, if that (sadly something like that may need to come again soon). During that time I think I only wrote 4 small chapters. Not because I didn't have the time to write, but due to the fact that writing gave less of a reward than reading someone elses finished work. Whilst I don't think the average RR user has burgeoning addiction to webnovels I do think that the risk/reward ratio is important when considering amateur writers. Time is a limited resource and it's intrinsically linked with money in the modern world. Money and fame aren't necessarily the reason amateur writers start to write. But for a large portion of them, the money (an additional reward) is the balancing factor which will let them rationalise spending so much time (the risk) writing out their tales (the reward) not just to themselves but to anyone watching over them, be they parents or partners. 

There's also hobbyists who write for the heck of it and theres a camp which derives a fictions value from number fans or patrons but if we go into a discussion of the value of a fiction we'll be here a long while. I might set up the question in the discussion forum though.

I'm trying to become a hobbyist but dear god I need incentives to spend my time writing until that point. I might enjoy it but it's got nothing on my daily addiction.

TL;DR:  Time is a limited resource and it is tied with money. Writing a fiction is a risky venture as the rewards usually aren't high until the end. Money is an equaliser that helps the amateur writer rationalise spending that much time.

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I relate to novel binging, the site i usually frequent has everything at 1,000+ though so it really takes most of my time in a day when I find an interesting enough story and then when I do catch up finally, Im left with a story that never ends, was dropped in translation or waiting every month for an update. I at that point told myself to stop And because its me. I instead went to royal road for real, ive been lurking for years, most of the stories from that time are gone though.

So come 2020, you give me 8 hours of boredom /work and i found myself just reading up on stories but because I actually had to work, I had to take frequent breaks from reading so I wandered into the forums and here we are now.

As a writer, its mostly personal, the little I had already put out there was put down to a loss of laptop and motivation is hard to come by. Im currently working on 60 short stories though so we'll see how that goes.

I am definitely a reader first, writer second though, so it makes me sad after seeing good stories abandoned or just gone. I just cant bring myself to invest in an author here, theres no connection.

I will not remember the author, ill remember the book up until it dies.

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I’m definitely book binging too much at times as well. I have loads of follows and sometimes I go back down that list and realise some of them have gone hiatus without me even realising. My read later list might even be longer.

As for motive to write, the constant diligent writer thing takes a lot of self motivating even with the justification of reader support, and it also needs proper self management. The main thing (other than content) which motivates people is community. Even having a book be high on the rankings and rating making it seem appealing is a product of community. RR has largely a good community that care about original fiction and the weird niche or two, which is better than some other sites. Though this site could be better with some better formed groups (like those Pledge people but actually active) or more community events like writing competitions, though we do get that sort of thing in comment sections of certain books at times.

Edit: I’m too tired for accurate number tracking

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I'd actually say I'm a very solid write-for-myself type, so much so that I've had to work hard to keep the audience in mind, have to manufacture that pressure to continue a project 'for the readers' even when I get bored with it or, rather, more excited by something else. Ultimately, I want to read the finished story as much as anyone else, so between that and being able to say '100 people are following this, don't let them down by dropping it' have become my touchstones,  ways to stay mostly focused on a handful of projects rather than rampantly starting and dropping everything that seems interesting for a few days.

I feel like posting is mostly an accountability tool for me, a way to force myself to not stop writing. But I'm also very much a reader. So I try to imagine what I'd want from a writer as a reader, and be that, and also what I want from my story as a writer, and do that.