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Thanks a lot!

Although all of chapter one was written a couple of months ago. I found this site and decided to post them. It got me back to writing and I love it, though I have a lot less time to play games and watch stuff. 

Even the editing and rewriting was fun, though sometimes tedious. 

with my free time rn, I am playing Danganronpa 2. Currently on chapter 2. Never played the games before, I watched a playthrough of them 4 years back. Feels good as well.

What you people doing?

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Stumbling across Royal Road is both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand almost unlimited fictions, tons of styles and a place to test your stories in the gauntlet.
On the other hand, there's only so much time in a day and royalroad is eating it more than you are eating food.

I've got uni stuff I have to get on with but I do art, write and play Total War games on the side

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yeah, it distracts me from writing even tho nothing is happening lol.

nice total war. I do play CK2 and eu4, not as much hoi4 though I still like it. However, I haven't played them properly in months. I would get CK3 that is coming out soon but my pc is a school pc so I won't be able to run it. Hell, it can barely run eu4 and hoi4 and I can't play Minecraft without the framerate being like 5fps when I am running.

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Best way to get the forums moving is to start making interesting discussions and drawing people in from comments sections. People who have time to bitch at each other in the comments tend to have time to contribute to the forums ahaha

I got myself a 1TB external hard drive and run all of my steam games through it. Bit of an investment but it means you will have space on your actual pc (which with 50GB games like Total Warhammer II is soooo useful aha). It might also get you past whatever protections your school uses to stop you playing games and stuff lol. Just make sure that whatever drive you get is capable of running fast enough (I think it's to do with it's upload rate or something similar)