Re: Guys vs Girls counting game


Kotton Wrote:
EnhancedBeing Wrote: 340


Are you trying out a new look?

 Heyyy, you're 338! Think you can get that past me!? Hahaha! ;D

New look? With my new cover and title, do you mean? Yeah..! So I felt my previous title was too wordy on the mouth and certainly in terms of search functionality on Wattpad, I don't think it was doing me any favours or increasing my presence. Neither did it really tell a prospective reader what it was they were going to read. At least with Heroes in the title, you know the genre area.
And whilst I thought the last cover was ok, it wasn't what I ultimately would have wanted. The new one isn't the best it could be, but for a Canva jobby, it does a better job to encapsulate the comic book/superhero vibes I'm trying to portray!