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The plan for December is 'hastily revise consistency for book 1 (250k+), and start writing book 2 for posting first thing in January' and also, 'finish up November's project ASAP'. Even if I didn't have a job and holidays vying for time and attention, I doubt I'd be able to manage those two, let alone throwing another one into the mix.

...she says, after spending all evening writing the first four chapters of said new project...

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Generally you would be able to reasonably assume that you can extrapolate out onto the wider population, but the complication of becoming a registered user being a behaviour that possibly has a social selection bias on this site means that you should trust that assumption very far. Maybe girls are for some reason more inclined to outright register on sites they frequent (or this site specifically), maybe they are more inclined towards preferring excessive anonymity and not registering (again, this behaviour might even be different just for this site, or this kind of website/platform, in particular). This is the kind of thing behind why scientists only focus on hyper specific areas of enquiry when doing experiments so that they can ignore the question of how much they know about what they don’t know.

Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

Gino Wrote: If this count is representative of the author population here...well it would explain a lot.
For example? 

I don't think it is btw. Since everyone can basically add to it however often they want, as long as they don't do it two times in a row, this count only shows who is most active in the forum AND partial to games like this. I honestly felt like most profiles I looked at that had a gender disclosed were 'male'.