Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

2?Not really?

Age3 days
TitlesHeir candidate to the Earl of Cristanfor, Noble of the Kingdom of Mistrane, Baron of Losphintaius,Transmigrator
Land NameLauneior
Land titleCount
Land TypeIndependant, Merit-based governance(unactivated)
Land AdministratorAriana Arlford, 
GovernanceMerit system (unactivated), Factional strife system (active)
Notable citizensNone
Flexibility[The range of movement of the body]38
Precision[The accuracy of one’s movements]42
Perception[The ability to notice nuances and advanced concepts]45
Intelligence[The ability to comprehend the advanced concepts]82
Wisdom[The ability to effectively use the concepts]54
Aura Force[The ability to force your will on your surroundings]52
Combat[The speed of one’s reactions, ability to process situations and other general combat abilities]46
Magic Affinities
Fire[One of the greatest sources of Light and Heat in the universe, you have Greater Affinity for Fire]97.14%
Earth[Essential for life, earth is what renders things solid, you have a Greater affinity for Earth]99.87%
Mind[The consciousness and its relation to reality, you have Lesser affinity for Mind]17.35%
Chaos[Everything shall be anything but what it should be, no thing shall remain as it should, you have a Lesser affinity for Chaos]19.76%
Grandmist[The base substance that all subatomic particles are made off, you have Lesser affinity for Grandmist]27.39%
Space [The building block of dimensions, you have an Outrageous affinity for Space199.998%
Time[A mysterious force, you have a Minor affinity for Time]01.15%
Will [The force that propels you through life, you have Minor affinity for Will]9.81%
Force[The building block of Kinetic interactions, you have Minor affinity for Force9.81%