Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

Hmm, I see. Nice to see Astro doing his part.

The thing is, I convulse at the thought of a male trying to have the score at 0. The world is not balanced and should not be balanced. Positives shall rule them all!
Hopefully, it is time to teach the despicable pav a lesson. One does not proclaim themselves a male and lower the score in front of me and the boys!

all jokes aside, you shouldn't try that pastor. That's what i used to say but everyone ignored my score despite themselves telling everyone to just follow the simple rules. BUT WE SHALL DO WHAT WE MUST!!


Re: Guys vs Girls counting game


Asviloka Wrote: 16

Maybe don't wait two months between chapters? Regular updates tend to do much better than erratic ones. It's very hard to get readers back once they move on.
It was cos of a forced hiatus. All my other chapters are weekly with the odd exception of two a week and when I posted daily at the start. 

Edit - 18 and yeah I guess pav but it feels quite demoralising when the number rid at 35 for 5 hours.