Re: Guys vs Girls counting game


Endless Wrote: 654

And I’m not interested in allowing your number skips

Number skips?? Mate, I have seen you guys doing it a lot many times too.

Endless Wrote: Buller can correct himself if necessary and it’s pretty hard to mistake a 6 for a 2.

 I'll correct myself too when he affirms that it was not a typo.

Ratmin Wrote: Is only counting game, heh.


Fair point. 662.

Re: Guys vs Girls counting game


DrBuller Wrote:
Ratmin Wrote: n the name of hugs and peace. (I am also filled with deadly diseases, which are very contagious)

Am I the only one reading in-between the lines?

Buller, I sometimes forget that you thought your name was a duck pun, simply because in your accent you say DAC-TAR
I gotta assume you're looking at me as a literal rat. Hnng. 



Re: Guys vs Girls counting game


Damnit Duck. I swear to the PRIMES that picture post didn’t have a count. You know how much time I spent recounting after I saw you snuck in a number AT THE BOTTOM of that post at the bottom of the entire page which is like the least visible possible position even ignoring the fact that it was added after the fact as some kind of retroactive correction?! Vlargle!! Rnush! Ydderosh!!! So annoying! Put the number at the too of such a visually noisy post next time please! PLEASE! And add the number before posting when there is a lot of activity!
Referencing post # 23520 btw
Ninjas: I thought those were called vinyl records?