Guys vs Girls counting game

Guys vs Girls Game

This is a game to find out which is more active in the forums. (to raise your post count and have fun while playing :D)

1. We begin with zero
2. If you are a guy add 2 to the previous number
  If you are a girl subtract 2 to the previous number
3. You cannot post again until someone posts before you (to avoid flooding, although you can probably do it if there are two of you)
Volksgeist: 0

Geomchi1: 2

Geomchi2: 4

Geomchi1: 6

Geomchi2: 8
we're gonna win this! :)

Surka: 6
girls we need to keep up!

Seoyeon: 4

Surka: 2
Okay i'll start with 0
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