Guys vs Girls counting game

Guys vs Girls Game

This is a game to find out which is more active in the forums. (to raise your post count and have fun while playing Very Happy)

1. We begin with zero
2. If you are a guy add 2 to the previous number
  If you are a girl subtract 2 to the previous number
3. You cannot post again until someone posts before you (to avoid flooding, although you can probably do it if there are two of you)
Volksgeist: 0

Geomchi1: 2

Geomchi2: 4

Geomchi1: 6

Geomchi2: 8
we're gonna win this! :)

Surka: 6
girls we need to keep up!

Seoyeon: 4

Surka: 2
Okay i'll start with 0
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