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11/24/2015 8:38:45 AMj0nn0 Wrote: [ -> ]What? Still no entries? Might as well post some things for people to look at, seeing as I've got stuff that I've been doodling anyways. If anybody has suggestions when drawing with pencil, I'm all ears. I'm experimenting with my mediocre art skills in my free time.

Spoiler :
Full sketches folder with stuff made within the last couple months: http://goo.gl/5Lenfj
Silicon World Mega Structure
(Re) Install - Mech Sketch
Continue Online - Letthestabbingshappen! (Red Imp Character)
Wolfy Nothin' special. Just Wolfy.
P.s. Are there any good, free touchscreen integrated art programs that run on a Windows Pro 3? I want to try digital tablet/stylus stuff too. Just pen and pencil feels a little bland and I don't exactly like how colored pencil always turns out.

P.p.s. If the images need to be scanned for better resolution or quality, I can do that. The images linked above were taken with my point and shoot camera.

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