Choose Your Own Adventure – Fate: Experience Acute Realism by PeliusAnar

Choose Your Own Adventure – Fate: Experience Acute Realism by PeliusAnar

Rules: To use this adventure use ‘CTRL F’ to go to the code indicated. Read this story as if you are the character. So if it says Ctrl F: XXX, then you hit ‘CTRL F’ and type in XXX and search until you find Code: XXX. You can say ‘Log Out’ at any time to escape the situation you are in, just be careful since you won’t have time to instruct your auto-pilot while you quickly escape. If you do use ‘Log Out’ then go to Code: Log Out.

This is meant to be read with no returns. So once you read something you can’t go back. WHAHAHAHA! There are 10 bad endings, 1 creepy ending, and 2 good endings. I toned my story telling from my story, so it should meet the rating guidelines of limited 18+, but it is still fairly violent so heads up. Good luck!

Notes: This CYOA stands alone from my story, but if you do read my story you have a much better chance of surviving the horror that is to come. Also shameless advertising.

Anti-Hero: Journey of Fear


Code: Start

I awoke into the new VR world of Fate: Experience Acute Realism, affectionately known as FEAR. With a 100% full immersion system and a complete character wipe upon death, this was going to be tricky. I looked out at the world around me and felt the heat of the sun on my face. I have no weapons or idea on the game mechanics. A completely blank start like everyone else just entering the game. I am glad I chose a very neutral appearance and ancient rural clothing in hopes to blend in.

There are a couple of different areas I can head to just by looking around. The first appears to be a city in the distance. The tall walls and guards make it appear a safe place to be since I don’t have a weapon. The next option appears to be asking the nearby farmer NPCs for assistance. Most of them looked busy tending the fields and grimy. The last option is to head off into the forest away from the city to try and find some monsters to punch.

Ctrl F: 1001 to head to the city for safety

Ctrl F: 1002 to talk to the famers for help

Ctrl F: 1003 to head into the forest to punch monsters


Code: 1001

Deciding to head into the city I set off. It is fairly easy following the road. I make it to the city gates without incident and it is already mid-day. Some guards are standing at the gate. I walk to them and say, “Hello, what city might this me.” They look at me for a moment. “This is the city of Breckley.” At that moment there is shouting as a player just appeared inside the gate.

I could either run inside in the confusion or try to sneak away. The NPCs didn’t seem very friendly but I still didn’t have any weapons. I could try and kill a guard and steal their sword and then get away, but there were a bunch of soldiers around. Most of them were distracted and I had this opportunity.

Ctrl F: 10011 to run away

Ctrl F: 10012 to sneak into the city

Ctrl F: 10013 to try and kill a soldier for a weapon and then get away


Code: 10011

I ran away. Thankfully none of the soldiers noticed me as they arrested and beat up the appearing player in that order. I was back in my starting location with only two remaining choices of what to do.

Ctrl F: 1002 to talk to the famers for help

Ctrl F: 1003 to head into the forest to punch monsters


Code: 10012

I just walked right by the soldiers into the city. “Hey stop right there!” A soldier shouted. I turned to run down a side street when a civilian punched me in the gut. As I lay on the ground in terrible pain I heard the soldier’s speaking. “Thanks, this is crazy with all these people appearing.”

“Tell me about it. I used to serve Lord Breckley, we all have to do our part.”

“Thanks, alright tie this one up and cart him off for questioning.” That didn’t sound good.

Ctrl F: Dungeon


Code: 10013

I grabbed out for a sword and punched the soldier in the jaw. He went down and I pulled the sword free. Unfortunately a civilian saw me and gave a cry. The rest of the soldiers turned and began advancing towards me.

I raised up my sword, I had practiced a bit before starting this VR. I blocked and parried a couple of attacks and then a soldier came up on my side and drove his sword into my belly. It was as if liquid fire was burning its way through me. I screamed and screamed. I collapsed to the ground, my hands going to the wound. Unfortunately it was quite a big gash and I could feel my intestines and other organs slowly coming out.

That was when the soldiers started kicking me in the groin and face. Thankfully that was when I died.



Code: 1002

Deciding to talk to a farmer I had off into the fields. I walk up to one and ask, “Hey do you know where I am and can get some weapons.”

“What are ya, an idiot? Breckley is just up the road. We have work to do.” The farmer turned back to weeding. They guy was really pissing me off.

Ctrl F: 1001 Head to Breckley to get some weapons

Ctrl F: 71209 Pick up a farm implement and begin killing farmers


Code: 71209

I picked up a nearby pitchfork and stabbed the farmer in the back of his head. He shook violently in death for a moment and then went limp. I slid the corpse off my new weapon. I saw another farmer turn towards me and raced over and shoved the pitchfork into his gut. With a twist and a yank I ripped out most of his stomach.

I killed the next two farmers who had noticed. Speckles of blood covered me and I felt glorious. I saw more farmers off in the distance or I could go into the village and have fun there. I was getting a lot of good experience from this and definitely didn’t want to stop.

Ctrl F: 23490 Keep killing all the farmers.

Ctrl F: 79120 Head to the village


Code: 23490

I killed famer after farmer as I laughed. Young, old, men, women, they all fell to the power of my pitchfork. As I stood there surrounded by corpses and laughing I saw a man in armor on horseback approaching with his sword drawn.

I might be able to kill him, and that sword would be awesome. I could also try and run away but that horse looked fast.

Ctrl F: 29012 Fight the knight

Ctrl F: 76776 Run away


Code: 29012

I raised up the pitchfork and charged with a yell. The knight didn’t move. Instead the horse raised up on its rear legs and smashed me in the face with a hoof killing me instantly.



Code: 76776

I decide to run away. Putting on as much speed as I can-

Ctrl F: Dungeon


Code: 79120

I went into the village. I saw a couple of women and kids moving around. I had some tough choices to make. I could kill the villagers to get experience and loot the village. I could kill them and then keep one to have some fun with. Finally I could try and kidnap one of them and take them with me to torture for information.

Ctrl F: 57682 Kill everyone and loot the village

Ctrl F: 91287 Kill everyone but a single person to have fun with

Ctrl F: 41241 Capture one to get some information


Code: 57682

I begin killing people quietly and efficiently. One after another I gain more and more experience and quickly level up. With everyone dead I manage to find a bunch of food, satchel, and even a sword up on a mantle. Fully prepared I leave the village ready to take on any challenges I might face.



Code: 41241

I kill off the villagers and find one that suits my tastes. I bind and gag the villager and get to work. They try and shout through the gag but I don’t care. I am enjoying myself-

The door to the house is kicked open. I turn and see a man in armor with a sword drawn. “Stop interrupting you asshole.” I had just been getting to the good part.



Code: 79120

I find a small child that is easily managed and knock them out. I drag them outside the village into a small grove of trees. I quickly slap them awake and they come to. “Answer my questions or else.”

“I…I…someone help me.” I slap the child again.

“There is no use crying out for help. Your fate is decided.” I begin to squeeze the child’s arm. “Now who is in…” I stopped as I felt a presence behind me. A beautiful woman dressed in white was standing there. She kind of reminded me of one from the character creation process.

“Don’t think to overrule my dominion.” She faded away and in her place was a tall praying mantis. It slashed out decapitating me.



Code: 1003

Deciding to head into the forest I set off down the road. I definitely going to kill some monsters and get some loot. I have trained for this day. I passed into the forest and needed to make a choice. Did I want to stay on the road so I didn’t get lost or did I want to explore the forest. I knew there was a higher chance of finding a monster if I left the road.

Ctrl F: 22121 Stay on the road

Ctrl F: 21111 Head into the forest


Code: 22121

I decided to play it safe and make sure I didn’t get lost. Sticking to the road I began my journey through the green tunnel. I saw a couple of other people up ahead of me. They had different clothes than the locals and blonde hair which I hadn’t seen on any of the farmers. They were both larger looking guys, but I knew that size didn’t impact actual strength only the stats did.

They were both busy talking to themselves so they hadn’t seen me yet. I also saw that one of them had a sword and shield with him while the other was carrying a satchel. I needed to make a decision quickly on what to do.

Ctrl F: 95101 Hide and then ambush the players to take their stuff

Ctrl F: 21111 Run away into the forest

Ctrl F: 90281 Talk to them and team up


Code: 95101

I quickly darted behind some large bushes and lay in wait. The two passed me and I could see specks of blood on their clothes. They probably weren’t nice people and I was glad I had chosen to take them out. I hefted a large tree branch and darted out behind them. I hit the guy with the sword in the back of the head. He went down.

His companion spun and I swung the branch in the side. He grabbed onto it and I let go and moved in and delivered a well-placed kick between his legs.

Ctrl F: 39413 Loot them and leave them alive

Ctrl F: 90829 Kill them and then loot them


Code: 90829

I picked up a rock and smash both their heads in. It is a windfall. I managed to get a sword, the satchel has some food, and got a bunch of experience from killing these two and leveled up. I had a chance now, I would overcome everyone and win this VR game of FEAR!



Code: 39413

I decide just to loot them. Killing people is not my thing. As I worked on getting all their gear off of them. I don’t notice the first guy stirring. He kicked out and struck my knee cap shattering it. We wrestled for control of the sword but he also had a dagger in his clothing. He is also a lot stronger than me. He must have leveled up already.

We struggled for a moment but he slides the knife into my stomach and then across. My journey has ended as I lay there dying and my insides no longer being my insides.



Code: 90281

“Hey.” Both players looked up and they smiled.

“Hey there, it is good to meet someone else. These NPCs are going nuts. I am Roger and this is George.”

We walked towards each other while I introduced myself. “So where did you get a sword? A monster drop?”

“Took it off a messenger.” Roger darted over the last few feet between us and punched me in the gut. I hadn’t been expecting the attack and lost my breath.


“…and put on the gag.” George finished gagging me and they began to drag me off the road. “You seem a bit average, but we can have some fun.” Roger smile was really a leer. Thankfully they stabbed m in the heart once they were done.



Code: 21111

Deciding to head into the forest I began to bush whack my way through the brush. I then see a bulb up ahead the size of a cat. There are some vines coming out of the bottom with some leaves between the bulb and the vines.

I could try and kill it, but I could also try and make it my pet. There was also the matter of how to kill the thing if I decided to go that way.

Ctrl F: 01102 Attempt to make the bulb your pet

Ctrl F: 80141 Walk up to the bulb and punch it

Ctrl F: 21809 Throw rocks at it until it dies


Code: 01102

I was great with animals. I didn’t know what bulbs eat but it couldn’t be that tricky. I saw some red berries on a bush nearby and gathered them up. I then walked over to the bulb. A purple cloud suddenly appeared and I collapsed to the ground.


From my position I saw as the bulb dragged itself slowly over to me and my horror grew. I tried to speak but my vocal cords were paralyzed. I couldn’t breathe and began to panic. The bulb climbed up on my chest and I felt something stab into me. My lungs began to operate on their own and I felt things moving inside of me.

It took three long and terrible days before I finally died. Smaller bulbs had grown out of my body and the entire group of them slowly sucked me dry of fluid and nutrients while I lay there unable to move.



Code: 80141

I walked up over to the bulb with my fist raised. Suddenly a purple cloud surrounded me and I collapsed to the ground unable to move.


From my position I saw as the bulb dragged itself slowly over to me and my horror grew. I tried to speak but my vocal cords were paralyzed. I couldn’t breathe and began to panic. The bulb climbed up on my chest and I felt something stab into me. My lungs began to operate on their own and I felt things moving inside of me.

It took three long and terrible days before I finally died. Smaller bulbs had grown out of my body and the entire group of them slowly sucked me dry of fluid and nutrients while I lay there unable to move.



Code: 21809

I began to throw rocks at the bulb. It took a while but eventually the thing collapsed on its side and died. I gained a hell of a lot of experience. I was a warrior, a rock warrior. In the days to come I lived in the woods surviving by my wits and cunning. I learned to harness the power of the bulbs spore cloud, the spear bird’s beak, the Ent’s sap.

When I would emerge in the months to come. I was no longer just a man. I had become one with nature, literally. I had removed a bulb’s stringer at its base and speared it. Somehow the creature and I would become one and I would forever be a half plant monster half human warrior. With the bulb I would take in other creatures as I traveled along and become a legend.



Code: Dungeon

Waking up in a cold dark cell I see a number of other players stuffed inside. I stand up and ask around, but no one knows what is going on. One girl is crying since the boy she had been traveling with had just been decapitated. A knight in full armor walks up to the bars that enclose the cell.

“I am Sir Willos and all of you have questions to answer. You.” He points at me. “Yes you, you are being taken for questioning. Soldiers unlock the cell and drag me off to tiny room with a lot of horrific looking equipment. Sir Willos entered along with two soldiers holding me tightly. Their strength was overpowering and I had no chance of overcoming them.

“You answer my questions or else. First question, where are all you people coming from?

Ctrl F: 1011 Stay mute and endure

Ctrl F: 1021 Answer Sir Willos’ questions

Ctrl F: 1031 Say something snarky


Code: 1011

I decide to remain mute. “Keeping quiet. Well then-“



Code: 1021

I quickly decide cooperation is my best way to get out of this situation. I spilled my guts how this was a VR and everything else I knew. At first Sir Willos looked like he was going to kill me, but then grew more and more concerned.

I finished and let out a long breath.

“That was very interesting. May the gods have mercy on your soul. Hendrick, get in here and torture this person for causing trouble. Oh and first we better do this-“ My world went black for a moment.


I awoke chained and my mouth felt sticky. I looked around and Hendrick was there holding up my tongue. Horror dawned on me. I hadn’t set up my mental log out commands. I struggled to get free or say ‘Log Out’. “Mahmahffgamga.”

“Hehe, don’t worry. My visitors normally don’t last thaaaaaat long.” My horror grew and grew. My pants grew wet as I struggled to get free.



Code: 1031

Pissed off about the current situation I decide to let this guy have it. “You are a rude tin can. You should go die in a pig pen where your mother birthed you out. Is that why-“

Sir Willos punched my jaw, shattering it.


The soldiers held me down while Sir Willos ordered one of them named Hendrick to keep using the equipment and to keep me alive. While I screamed and screamed making my throat bleed he brought in the other prisoners in who quickly talk and answer all his questions.

Just when I think the torture is about to end they bring in priests to keep me alive with magic and continue the torture. First went the toes, then the belly, then the eyes, then the chest, then the leg, every attack was in an unexpected location forcing me to remain aware of what was going on and preventing a  black out or death.



Code: Log Out

I decide to return to the game a short time later and are forced to respawn, avoiding whatever horrible fate befell my auto-pilot. Hopefully I can make better choices this time.

Code: Start