The story I am writing is called Trinity Mage. I have 3 chapters already out and currently working on the fourth. I have reached out for a Mentor through the forums on here and Unice5656 has been giving me pointers, which have been very helpful. My grammar is poor I will admit. However, I am not alone thankfully my wife is much better at grammar and she helps check over for mistakes. We are both novices, me at writing and her at editing so things still slip through the cracks. I try to proofread my own work and catch things that need to be fixed, but I have a problem getting everything since it's my own work. Luckily, the small group of people who are following my story have given great constructive criticism and pointed out stuff that either needed work on or needed to be completely rewritten. Today (12/3/2015) I went through my three chapters and fixed anything I found or was told needed to be fixed by adding in a couple more paragraphs to make a part in my third chapter easier to understand. So I need someone to help me find the grammar that my wife and myself miss. I need someone to help me find the things in my story that don't make since or are just not needed. Also, I need someone who can give me advice on stuff that may need to be written in. I want a proofreader who can work alongside me giving me constructive criticism that will help me be a better writer so that my story will be better with every new chapter. If you believe you are that proofreader, then I want to give you that shot. I won't be able to pay at this point in time, but with proofreading you will of course see the new chapters first. You will also get to see my world I have in my mind and hopefully adventure with me through the world of Glilia.

P.S. If you do become my proofreader and see anything wrong with my first three posts, please let me know so I can fix them. I have no issue going back over them and editing them. I am learning as I go and would rather take my time to perfect my story then rush through chapters and have unedited ones just sitting there. 

So, if you want the job either respond here or send me a PM so we can discuss.

Thanks for taking the time out to read my thread! :)