Looking for Proofreader for project!

Hello, my name is Xzavon and i'm starting another novel. So far I have 5 Dragon Emperor that is my main novel with some side one's, however I want someone to read over my novel chapters before I post them to make it flow better.

This project can be 5 Dragon Emperor, or my new one that i'm working on. I can't give you any money for helping me out, but I can give you access to earlier chapters. When you read over them and in some future chapters i'll listen to some things you have to say when I write my story.


5 Dragon Emperor - http://royalroadl.com/fiction/3862

Virtual Go Zu - http://royalroadl.com/fiction/4284

RE: Looking for Proofreader for project!

PR huh? Though I've never done it, maybe I could try doing it. It might help with my own writing. Therefore, I, NV6 shall offer you my service whenever you are in need of it. The only thing you must know is that I could only start AFTER 30 Nov since that'd be the last day of my exam and I'd be able to acceess my laptop.(I'm using my phone right now.)

Well, that's it I guess. You'd be the one to decide to accept my offer or not.