The starting map I am using for my story Anti-Hero: Journey of Fear. I used excel to do cell by cell. Each cell represents about 10kmx10km. Unfortunately this throws off the city locations/walls, but the general idea is conveyed.

Anti-Hero: Journey of Fear

UPDATE: 12/6
 I have attached the full excel file of my map/s I use for my story. Unfortunately copying and pasting into paint, causes my computer to crash since 1000x1000 is a bit too large. I want to note that most of it is unfinished except for general names. This is on purpose so I can alter things as the MC travels/plot progresses. So if I need a mountain range and a temple on top of it, I can drop it in.

The dungeon map I made up is also attached. But that too is subject to change since my MC has not explored the entire thing. Hope you enjoy.

Full Map