Ideal chapter posting speed and intervals (time per chapter)

So I'm wondering what the ideal chapter posting speed is. I've been wanting to do a chapter a day. I've also been doing a chapter per day. But a lot of really good stories are only doing one or two per week. But if I don't put up a chapter then the views doesn't always go up.

This makes it confusing for me to gauge the ideal interval to post chapters per story. I wish I could just post a chapter a day and have thousands flock to my pen's banner you know but that's not realistic.

I wish I could also figure out how to get more people aware of my stories. I think they are written well enough that I could catch interest if people would give things a chance.

Anyone study this out yet? What do you think?

RE: Ideal chapter posting speed and intervals (time per chapter)

As a rule of thumb, the more exposure your story gets, the more views it will get.

When you're just starting, the only list you can show up on is the Latest Updates list, so posting as frequently as possible will get you the most views.

However, just because people see your story doesn't mean they'll actually start reading. It's up to you to make your story blurb and first chapter enticing.

Once people actually start reading, it's up to the strength of your writing to make people follow your story and build up the readership.

Your goal, of course, is to get enough good ratings and reviews to climb onto the Best Rated/Active Top 50 lists, or enough views to climb onto Popular This Week.

I publish less than one chapter a month sometimes, but it works because I have high-quality fans who write me reviews ^_^

RE: Ideal chapter posting speed and intervals (time per chapter)

I once did more than a chapter a day when I first joined RRL, I would go onto my laptop and type up a story directly on RRL (so I'd often lose my progress when there was freezing or if I accidentally closed the screen). I would type in give or take 500 words then post a chapter, roam about, take a shower, use the bathroom, etc. Then stalk the people reading my fiction before writing the next chapter. I didn't care about editing or getting a PR. I just wrote and wrote, the only thing I ever researched was how to make tables because this was when the site was dedicated to LMS fanfictions and original fictions were a minority. It was utter crap writing and I regret writing such a story, but I still managed to gain a large fanbase and semi-decent ratings. But then around the 28th chapter I realised how bad it was, people were anonymously rating me 0.5 cookies (rating before stars), it got tedious to write, and I dropped it.

Even now my first fiction has over 2.5k average views, 99 followers, and a rating of about 4 and it's one of the first 1000 fictions when the site was frequented a lot less.

Aka if you want awareness and a fanbase post more chapters more often, quality doesn't matter when it comes to being popular.

If you want a story that you won't regret writing and that will make you satisfied, then slow down and go at your own pace. Make sure you're writing the story you want to. At this point in writing I don't even care about popularity, and I still get thousands of average views every chapter I post even if I only post once a month or go on a several month hiatus. Popularity is a strange thing on RRL.

Another aspect that affects awareness is the name. Just take a look at the latest updates and pay attention to the names. Some names seem unique and call out to you while others seem like generic crap. But then again that generic name is appealing to others. Try to make the name of your fiction something that catches the eye while still matching the theme or gimmick(most likely gimmick) of the story.

Re: Ideal chapter posting speed and intervals (time per chapter)

The best schedule for posting is whatever schedule you write the best at. More frequent chapters is good for exposure but that’s only one facet of your probability of success. Having your chapters be posted on a regular and consistent basis is also good because it gives this vibe of you knowing what you are doing, and being able to control how frequently you post deliberately or even having a buffer of chapters that you are waiting to post and might even have time to properly edit for quality.

What’s important in the end is engagement and endowment among your readers. A premise that resonance with the average RR reader (like cat themes stories and fantasy for example) would draw people in, make them invest into reading your fic right off the bat.

And when you’ve got a long chapter for example something else also happens. People find this long chapter intimidating, so it requires mental investment to read, especially of they are aware of the length beforehand. This causes an endowment effect where they continue to invest their time into reading BECAUSE they’ve invested so much time on prior occasions. If a chapter is a whole experience on its own you’ll also have more reason for people to engage in the comments after all the excitement that they had to read through. Engaging them as a fanbase also has a better effect than more exposure on Latest Updates will. There are books almost permanently in hiatus from how infrequently they update and people still follow them and get excited instantly for a new post.

You have to remember that reader engagement should result in more comments, more comments should result in more replies, massive comment sections will make people think you have a strong community fanbase, which makes it more likely to want to join that fanbase, and all those excited people leads to more ratings, reviews, and even discussions in other places like forums, chat groups, and as recommendations. People are drawn to people most of the time.

For me as an example, I can’t help but feel that the two advanced reviews I got when writing my book seemed to be worded in a way that was effected by how I talked in the authors notes, and how I framed the story as a form of writing practice and focused on being experimental, which might have made those reviews more favourable towards me simply from the fact I was addressing my audience in those author notes and replying to comments when I got them.

Re: Ideal chapter posting speed and intervals (time per chapter)

It depends.

Ideally, new stories should have daily releases. Ideally. It maximize your exposure and helps you gain a reader base, but it is not a must. As long as your story is good, you will gain readers. Whether it takes a week, a month or a year. Most people prefer frequent releases, it's true, and some will even lose interest in a story that is no active enough. But ultimately, those who really like your story will stick with it no matter what kind of release schedule you have. Frequent releases only helps with exposure. Once your reader base is large enough, you can switch to a slower releases without a problem. Take Mother of Learning for example. It had monthly releases and it was insanely popular. But it's also because it was insanely popular that it had monthly releases. For new stories, it is best to have frequent releases, at least until you gain a reasonable reader base. However, it is, once again, not a must. Do not overwork yourself to absolutely release a chapter everyday, especially not if it makes its quality drop. If you need more time to finish a chapter, take more time. Your readers will understand. You may not gain readers as quickly, but at least, you won't make them run away either (by rushing you take the risk to not only decrease the quality of your writing but also to include plot holes and stuff like that).

You also need to take in account your chapters' length. The frequent release of long chapters can be intimidating, while a slower release of short chapters can be frustrating.