Notifications in UserCP for deleted threads

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A fic posted a chapter, I commented on it, someone commented after me, the thread got deleted, the notification won't disappear because the thread won't open, the thread isn't in my subscriptions list so I can't delete it to cancel notifications for it. Please delete the entry from the database, either directly or through some special forum admin thingy.

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Chapter 24 of The Beginning After The End was on my Reading List when I woke up so I read it and added a comment. Later on I refreshed my UserCP, as I always have both open and check them regularly, to see new comments had been added to the thread. When I opened the link I was greeted by a page saying the thread doesn't exist. I thought nothing of it, expecting the author had changed their mind and wanted to rewrite it and take the story in a different direction, but when I refreshed UserCP again to get rid of the notification it was still there. I checked my subscriptions list in the hope that removing my subscription to the thread would also remove the new posts notification, but the chapter doesn't show up on the list. It now looks like I'll be stuck with this notification on my UserCP that can't be removed through the normal UI. I suspect this will require a direct modification of the database to remove the entry linking my user ID to the thread's ID.

If this gets resolved, or anyone knows another method to potentially remove it myself, please let me know and I'll speak to a guy I know about getting you some 'special' cookies.

RE: Notifications in UserCP for deleted threads

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I believe you should be able to see the deleted thread here:

If so, just tick the box on the right of it, then scroll down and click Go
No promise it works, but I believe it should :)

Unfortunately, as was the case when I originally made this thread, the deleted chapter isn't in my subscriptions list. It must clearly still exist in the database in some form, otherwise its title wouldn't show up on my UserCP, but it seems the relationship between it and my user account is the only thing non-admins can witness that isn't removed when a thread is marked as deleted.

Unless there's an admin screen that lets you play with such data relationships, fixing this will need a direct database modification.