Seeking someone to review my story


I have been writing a story about VR but as English is not my native language I have a few corcerns on the style I used. i don't want to be proofread yet even though I wouldn't mind if someone wanted to, now what I would like is for someone to read the first 6 chapters I have already written and tell me honestly if it is interesting or boring, and maybe point me to how I could improve my text to make it more attractive.

Even though there are only 6 chapters, there are around 50k words to read just so you know. 

I know I haven't told you much about my story but this is simply because I want you to be in the realistic position of a reader who just started the book, if I were to give you a synopsis now it would most probably affect how you read my story. 

If you are interested either write me here or PM me and I will give you a link to the story.

Thank you very much!