RE: New Novel/Character Idea (Need feedback)

I like the concept and the magic system is put together reasonably well. What I would change however is the name of your magic system. “Magicks ” sounds like a cheap party trick or as slang of the interwebz.  Instead just call it magic or some other term that makes it clear to the reader that you are talking about something that has the general concept of magic.
As for the protagonist, the idea is pretty good. It is not too complicated and easy to relate to. There isn’t much else I can say about it except to give it a shot.
Good luck!

RE: New Novel/Character Idea (Need feedback)

I actually like your concept but I agree with Zolf~ why can't he be a swordsman or BETTER YET he becomes a unique style of swordsman because of his healing magic power. 

you can set the story with that issue as conflict. In the early stages as he is mastering his powers and still practicing the sword he can't quite..merge the know what I mean? 

As his story unfolds as he will (undoubtedly) be  sent on some kind of quest, we start to see him learn how to merge his healing magic with his fighting style. And have his support characters teach him a few things. 

And don't forget your theme! Our MC is going to start one way, and by the end of your story he should be a better person, in someway ^_^

and give him a love interest, a kuudere type..i like those girls -_-