A cooperative story-game?

Years ago I played a cooperative story-game with some people and I asked myself if it would work to create something like that as its own Fiction. It worked very similar to dungeons and dragons, but used only the forum.

How does it work?

A) You get a few people with similar interests and designate a GameMaster or two.

B) You agree on a world setting, lands, countries, technology, magic, culture.

C) The players write a character introduction page for their character. He/She gets a background story and a general outline of his/her abilities.

D) The GameMaster thinks of a possible ways to introduce these characters to the world and to each other. He controls all NPC's and plays the role of a narrator for the story.

E) Each player posts in turn a short part of the story. (Written in FirstPerson point of view and at least more than fifty words per post, but less than two hundred.)
You can only control your own character and if you want to influence NPC's or other characters you have to answer a question of the GameMaster correctly. (Or roll a dice)

F) Continue to play and see where the story leads you.

RE: A cooperative story-game?

It's just a play by mail RPG. Used to be quite common during the eighties. With the advent of the Internet the form spread in universities including the creation of dedicated MUD-like environments. Think they were called MOO and MUSH.

I'd advice a combination of email/messages/forum-threads/whatever and synced meetings (chatrooms). There are occasions where asynchronous communication (email for example) doesn't work all that well. Take combat for example.

I'm not joining due to time-constraints.

RE: A cooperative story-game?

So... Basically, a roleplay? In a fantasy world that all players contributing in?

When I was active in deviantArt, until earlier this year, that was what I was doing. A dA user, member of a specific RP group, would create a character (an OC) in a pre-determined setting and you'd basically reply back and forth until a scene is over (upon agreement or until the goal of the scene is achieved). Of course since it's dA you'd have to use art element (like, the OC must be drawn by you, or to receive points you have to draw the scene).

The dice roll element is definitely a game setting though. I usually used that only in RP chatroom, for combats and not for NPC usage. It makes sense in this case, since this would be a story-based interactive fiction instead of a roleplay.

I came across Big Eyes Small Mouth tabletop game, you might want to check the PDF: infohost.nmt.edu/~guild/downloads/fastplay.pdf

Well, this looks interesting, I make no promise to join, but I'll keep my eyes on this thread. Good luck!