Interactive story tag

So how much interaction is minimum to satisfy interactive story tag?

I'm wondering about this and want to get a good feel for what is typical so I can make sure I'm giving readers the full experience.

Is it enough to just have readers input through poll decisions? How often should poll show up? Do you need more than just a poll to satisfy conditions?  How limited should the readers choices be?

RE: Interactive story tag

The "Reader Interactive" tag just means that the readers have input that directly affects the story. You can do this by polling your readers about what should happen next or even just acting on the comments you get on your chapters.

How often you poll and how many choices in each poll is completely up to you. Just having a poll does not make it "reader interactive'; for instance "who's your favourite character?" would not qualify as reader interactive. As well, if you poll your readers about what should happen next, then ignore the poll, that does not count as reader interactive.