Cut and pasting a story into Royal Road from word

So....I'm having trouble with cutting and pasting a story into Royal Road from word.

The problem is it's not keeping the spaces between paragraphs and quotes or sentences with quotes where it should.

I've tried looking this up and working it out. Supposedly if you click word options that's one fix, and someone else said something about another area to click stuff in paragraph, line spacing etc...

But even with trying all these other ideas it's still not keeping the spaces for the chapters when I past them into royal road. That means I'm losing TONS of time that actually could just have gone to having another chapter written instead! So readers get less because the space problem is so....aggravating.

How do I get this worked out? Thanks.

RE: Cut and pasting a story into Royal Road from word

You can't.

It is caused by an inherent difference between how Word and MyBB (the forum software) handle paragraph breaks and line breaks. I believe the staff are looking into things to improve the situation, but there's no fix yet.

The best thing to do, (as I've suggested before,) is to format your Word document so that it displays in Word as it would display on site. That way, you can make all the correct formatting and editing choices as you write and  bypass the forum editor and all the extra last minute editing.

RE: Cut and pasting a story into Royal Road from word

Paste with a ctrl+shift+v or right click > paste as non formatted text.
That will remove all the styling from word (which is very bad when posting).
Ultimately you'll have to reformat the text before posting, but to make it easier you can follow these simple rules.

1. Two line breaks between paragraphs.

2. Use similar fonts to what RRL uses to see a more approximate output.

3. Never style anything before posting. (Colors, italics or whatever you're using) Use the bbcodes instead.

4. Always preview before posting.

5. Make sure you're closing all tags.

RE: Cut and pasting a story into Royal Road from word

11/8/2015 9:46:58 AMMarkus Wrote: [ -> ]I usually do all of my editing in Word, and the just copy and paste it.

Then in the forum editor I just go through my text once more just to be sure that nothing's missing.

It took me a few chapters to get this right, but it can be done.

Make sure that the color is not fixed after pasting. The forum has both light and dark theme, and a fixed black font wont be readable on the dark background.