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If you want to write about medieval fights with weapons it helps to watch a few videos about historical martial arts on youtube. And it's important to find videos with people who have at least a small clue on what they are doing.
I like Skallagrim's channel for that. He has quite a few videos about different weapons and fighting styles if you browse through them.

Once you know those it's quite easy to do interesting battle scenes by simply putting them together and describing the moves.

The same goes for martial arts without weapons, which is much simpler since there are tons of useful movies about that on youtube.

Fights with magic are a different thing because they depent on the magical system you use in your fiction. I like to think up scenarios in which the characters use their surroundings and wits to their adtvange. Turning it into a battle of knowledge about physics and tricks is much better than simply making the character hurl fireballs at each other.

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What perspective are you planning to write this scene from and what is the intended scale of the battle? Taking a third person perspective over a clash between armies would be quite different from a first person (or third person limited) perspective of a duel between two individuals. The more omniscient viewpoint can focus more on things such as tactical maneuvers and scenery, whereas in a first person perspective, much more focus would be given to the character trying to not get killed.

Since your fiction appears predominantly in first person, my suggestion would be to put yourself into the perspective of the character. Considering your character's personality and background, what are they thinking when the battle begins? How do they react when things go south? From there, let your sentence structure and word choice reflect their state of mind when describing their actions. If a character is a veteran, they'd be more likely to take a calm, systematic approach to combat, at times acting more on instinct built through their experience. A conscript suddenly thrown into a world war would be prone to panic and sometimes freeze or overthink when faced with something unexpected.

Considering you said 'battle' rather than 'action' scene, I'd guess that this involves combat between groups rather than individuals. To help the flow of the scene, you should keep the objectives for each side in mind when writing and maybe mention them occasionally to help track the progress of each side.

For the little details, I agree with Andur's comments for making the actions seem realistic :P

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10/27/2015 10:42:41kimvet Wrote: [ -> ]Wow,, that's really helped. Thanks guys, I'm still really inexperienced when it come to writing, so maybe in the near future I'll need some more advice & tips on how to do something. Please help me went the times come. hehe  :P

I'll look it over for you when ur done if you want, I'm better with specifics...