Highly Interactive Fiction Experiment (Project HIFE)

Hello Folks!!

I need your help getting some initial interaction in my 'highly interactive story'! :P

I would like to make an EPIC story that will later be Lore for my own indie game. (The game is a long way off though). 

However, because of how I want to create the game, and some theories about my own skill as a storyteller, I would like to see how good I am at weaving in a large variety of ideas into a cohesive work. This is, in essence, an experiment to test my skills and interest for the game.

So, if you have anything that you want to read in a story but have not seen yet, or simply interesting ideas you would like to see implemented in unique ways, please post it here. 

I will include them all in my webfiction. Though I do have  a plot line, frame work, and several other details in mind for the novel, I will not share any of it so that you will have to guess what the hell is going on (Just like the character!! :P)

Thoughts, suggestions, concerns... ideas?

The only thing I can tell you about the story is that it is called, "The Exprimitence". (Here is the post in question)

RE: Highly Interactive Fiction Experiment (Project HIFE)

There is something that has always left me wondering when reading story like LMS, Ark or many of the stories here on RRL.
It's that everytime there is a choice to make which will impact greatly the power leveling, a great change in the story scenery or perspective, it's always the author who choose which line will be taken.

Example: When there is a new class up and a multi choice is presented to the hero, it is always the author who choose which one the hero choose.
If there was a poll from the author before the hero actually choose a class/power/great plot turn, that what I would call interactive for the reader and challenging to a new level for the author.

This is just a rant in order to maybe help you find an idea.

RE: Highly Interactive Fiction Experiment (Project HIFE)

Azareal, you are right about the origin of the idea and the workload to be expected.
But as Shad3ow asked for something challenging in the making, allowing interactions with the readers, it seemed just right to me.
Moreover, I though that if well made, it could lead to interesting plot lines where the reader is an integral part of the story.
Edit: But as I said previously, that was just a rant coming from nostalgia.

RE: Highly Interactive Fiction Experiment (Project HIFE)

Thank you all so much for your responses!

@Zama that is somewhat how I got this idea, but to answer @Azareal as well, it will not be 'multiple choice' or a 'choose your path'. It will be even more interactive, where the readers simply make suggestions, the best (or maybe even all) are implemented in the story in a way that is still smooth and logical.

As I said, not only will this be difficult, but it is an experiment. Never before have I heard of a story that was made by cobbling together pieces of many different suggestions into a cohesive mosaic of literature. I have seen this done in art, and dance, and even music, but not with literature (at least not in the manner of an official fiction). So I wanted to try it here.

Would you all like to be my first readers and content sharers? I have another chapter in the works now, but I can go ahead and start adding your suggestions should you choose to share them.

Read my first chapter here: http://royalroadl.com/fiction/3992