If you ever want to read a book about an MC who is being trashed...

... then read ~White Mage Omnibus~ by Ben Hale.

Like... seriously. I started reading this title just because I was bored. Then the bashing started at the half of the first book.
At the end of the first book I thought that now they might start winning some encounters with the enemy, just to story twisted into an castastrophic loss.

The bashing continued throughout the second book to the point of getting stupid... like... seriously. I was honestly despressed at that point.

Right now I am at the end of the third book and my endurance leveled up five points for continuing reading. In my opinion the world should've long endet since the heroes get constantly outwitted and overpowered.
I would really like to read this book from the point of view of the evil mastermind, but to be honest... with those heroes... he doesn't have it very hard.

So as my little suggestion to you. If you are interested in how to write a book about getting hit to the face with a stick literally every third chapter, then read this.

Masochists can learn from this book.

RE: If you ever want to read a book about an MC who is being trashed...

How about no. I think that there are too many stories on here that have way too OP main characters, but I still like my heroes to succeed in their endeavors. I think Spider-man is great for that. Compared to the normal people he is OP, but put him next to Thor, Iron Man, and the Hulk and he has to struggle to keep his head above water.

Re: If you ever want to read a book about an MC who is being trashed...

🤣🤣...i knew avoiding that book was a good call, been so bored lately and I've been seeing it in my amazon recommendations a lot.thanks for the heads up andur.

Hey,if it's not too much to ask, do you know any good novels ?, really love the characters you create, they are a perfect blend of morally grey and chaotic neutral with a dash of psychosis to taste and reasonably powerful as well , so I'm just wondering what the mind behind such great stories would recommend?

Re: If you ever want to read a book about an MC who is being trashed...

this is exactly how i felt when i read robin hobb's "farseer trilogy", starting with "assassin's apprentice"
halfway down the 3rd book i had to stop reading because of this (i know the series is much longer...3 trilogies iirc, but enough is enough)

every victory was a phyrric one...as in, there was never an easy one, and most ended up making the mc come out worse than he went in
and the losses...they weren't few, and when they came they weren't pretty either

this may sound good on paper, but it was really hard to read and it got harder the longer i read...let's just say that at least 3 times each book the mc's sanity was on the brink of flying out the window (emphasis on "at least") from the crapfest his life was