Need a editor :D

I would like to ask if anyone would be interest to be the editor of my Fantasy and Adventure story full of magic and fable beings,.

It want to write it in English but that is not my native language.

I need someone that would be willing to help me correct any spellings and re arrange some of the sentences so they would sound better.

The story is about a boy that got send to a alternative world full of fable beings like elves , dwarfs , dragons beast men  and other creatures. He then starts his adventure in the new world in hope to get back home.

So basically it is a Fantasy and Adventure story.
I got the plot ready and also got 2 chapters done I just need someone to help me edit and proof read.

RE: Need a editor :D

9/1/2015 10:24:57 PMkanadaj Wrote: [ -> ]If I were you I'd try giving a less generic synopsis, what you wrote there is true for about 80% of the fictions on the site :D

So should I write down the summary of the first few chapters :D

The main character in my story finds a book that said Magic for Beginners on the book was a warning that said if you awaken your magic power you will get send to another world. He blatantly ignored the warning thinking it was a fake book and he did the ritual.
The instant he awakens his magic he got send to the new world I call Altera (Alt-alternative / Tera-Earth) .
Even thought he is a fan of fantasy novels he still want to go back to his oven world.

And so he set on an adventure to find a way back home.
Also he finds out that someone who looks exactly like his grandfather that went missing 10 years ago is also in Altera.

I wonder if this is good now?