Welcome to the University

Welcome to the University!

As the Dean of this newly established University, it’s my honor and duty to welcome everyone to this fine establishment. Now, let me be frank here. There are few differences between students and teachers. In a sense, we all are continuously learning to be the best writers that we can be. To help your fellow writers succeed is a selfless task that embodies the foundation upon which this University has been built on.

That’s also a load of—

Ahem, excuse me. As I was saying, we all must help each other climb to greater heights. At this moment, the curriculum is still under flux. Teachers and students will come and go, creating and taking courses through their time at this University. Mentors and mentees will connect, working with one another to build a mutually beneficial relationship. These are the kind that will last into the far future. Guides and study material are both available to help you succeed. Together, we will build a bridge towards becoming the best writers that we can be, even if we have to do so upon the corpses of others.

Make no mistake! Only the truly driven can weathered the brutal storm of comments, the sharp tip of criticism, and the bloody knives of rivals. Students will backstab their fellow students. Teachers will turn on their pupils. The scholars of today may become the professors of tomorrow and rip their former mentors to pieces. This is the world we live in! Do not be afraid to slaughter your way to the top!

But never forget that once you stop learning—once you stop improving and become satisfied in your own decadence—is the time that you might as well throw yourself off the nearest education center and fall upon the statue of me erected in the public square, giving my image a fresh paint of red.

Here at this cutthroat University, use others as they would use you.

I look forward to watching the future of this University unfold, and I hope you do too.

~o~ ~o~ ~o~

Okay, time to get into the gritty details.

For mentors and mentees, for which this forum was founded, there is not a formal process to go through for it, but there is some guidelines.

First of all, for mentors, you will need to make a thread to advertise your services. It is recommended that you put as much information about your strengths and weaknesses as you can. Credentials such as any story you have written on Royal Road and your timezone should also be included. You should also make some guidelines and rules for any mentee applying for mentorship in your thread. Do also put in if you want any compensation. One of the more common ones would be for your mentee to provide proofreading and opinions for your own story.

That means that for any prospective mentee looking for a mentor, please read the mentor’s thread carefully and choose wisely. Post in the thread that you’re interested in and include as much information about yourself as you can. Your strength, your weaknesses, the story you are writing, your timezone, and what you are seeking out of this relationship. Do not think that a mentor is a glorified proofreader. They are only there to help you on specific parts of your writing; they have no obligation to go outside the scope of what they have stated in their thread. They also have the right to reject a mentorship with you for any reason. You can ask why, but you better not whine. Mentors have full rights in their own thread to berate you until you’re six feet under.

Any problems and conflicts, contact me through PM.

The primary means of communication will be through either Skype or Google Documents. I absolutely do not recommend that you do it through PM. You can if you want to, but I guarantee that it is not even half as effective as real time communication between both participants. Seriously, this is from experience.

For those that make guides out of the goodness of their hearts, be sure to post them in the guide subforum. However, we will review the guides through peer review—if we have time—to make sure that they are aligned with the teachings of this University. We may ask you to modify, change, or add on more if it is necessary, though we prefer that interference is as minimal as possible.


In the meanwhile (Wing is taking over):

Guides: (If you can write a guide, make a thread and post it)  
Guide page (will edit the links later)

Mentors :

Recommended for communication is Gdoc & skype, but M&Ms can agree on what they prefer.

While the majority of the stories on RRL are in English, the site is international. If mentors know more than one language, or if they want to mentor in something other than English or if a mentee is looking for help in another language - that is acceptable.

This program's guides and mentors are mostly aspiring (amateur) authors who try to help others with their strong points. Their styles, and their attempts to share what they know, might not fit your own. Read the guides and sign up for a mentor, at your own risk.

If you can write a guide about something, create a thread about it, and it will be linked to.

RE: Welcome to the University

I have a suggestion to make. I do not know where is the suggestion box in this University so I will state my suggestion here.

Will it not be a good move if this University rather than waiting for a mentor or mentee to come here, sends one of its mentors as an adviser and gives a review to any story which is not in the top 50 or are struggling to make a mark here due to many reasons?

The review should be about how they can improve their writing (if they want to). No high handed reviews, but a simple one to point them in the right direction and an average score in all the departments. The reason behind giving them an average score is that, (if an already written review could be changed again) then after a certain time, the adviser gauges the person's improvement and adjusts the score accordingly. With this type of system, a small amount of authors could be helped initially, but a small step can lead to a long way (or something like that). If this University succeeds in even improving one author then it can slowly expand its wings.

In the review, it could also be mentioned that, if the author needs more clarity on the pointed path, they can contact the adviser and the adviser can take a more 'hands on' approach with the author.

And lastly, this University should thrive to create a separate guild. The initiative is a good one and I am sure many non-English speaking people or those whose first or even second language is not English (like myself) would appreciate the help.

Lastly, we are all amateur authors here... we should strive to better our fellow authors and in the process ourselves too in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE. Everybody has some issues with their stories, sometimes the author knows it himself, but lacks the knowledge about how to improve himself. That is where this University should come in. Nobody is perfect or all knowing, but we by helping each other... we can. I am an amateur writer and I want to see more authors challenging the generic flow in RRL that has been created.

I do not know if I had made any sense, if not then please let me know. I have silently watched all the countless debates that have happened to solve the problems that have arisen in RRL and I feel the time has come for me and all the other authors in RRL to pitch in and create a solution rather than waiting for some people to create it.

RE: Welcome to the University

This M&M program is not about having another TG, It is not about searching for authors and reviewing them, hoping that they would listen to the feedback and work on the issues.

No, this project is for authors who want someone to be with them along the way, while they write.

A Mentee could find here
Someone they can discuss the story plot with,
someone that they can discuss topics they don't know about, (a sort of brainstorming).
Someone who could guide them on how to format correctly. Point out when sentences should be elaborated more, or when they are redundant.
Some, might just need pointers; Someone to explain, how to use full stops and commas.
Do remember that while, many of the authors do know English, when it comes to writing a story, they tend to  write it in the format they are used to. and in some languages, there isn't even commas.

And while this is an example, there are many other issues, authors face and they would come here looking for someone to help them.

A mentor's job is also not that of a proofreader - if an author wants a proofreader, they can try this topic instead.
A mentor is someone who points out the mistakes, to let the author fix them AFTER understanding what they are, so that the mentee wouldn't repeat these issues.  
It is a long term investment, that the mentee  and the mentor take upon themselves.

While I do support this project, which is why I created this forum after seeing the requests for it;
You need to understand what it is about.

Before creating this forum, I have asked Icura to help direct it, and I still hope that would happen(didn't so far). but anyone can add what they want now.
You can add guides on how to be a proper mentors, or how to pick the best mentor. Even what mentees should expect. And many other things.

I am sure that if we all worked together, we could get this project started.

RE: Welcome to the University

Okay, then please post your topic in a thread, and if it was good it would be linked to.
I think, this actually could be a start, maybe our first step should be to prepare guides on all sorts of things that authors could use to improve themselves.

For example ; how to write a good fight scene , or how to write a romantic scene etc..  This is something that I have noticed many people lack the ability to write about well.

Anyone who feels they have an expertise in a certain field, feel free to write a guide about it.

RE: Welcome to the University

Thanks, Wing, you're such a boss.

In any case, I finally put in a speech and some information. This is turning out to be a stranger forum than I thought so tell me if I missed anything.

6/11/2015 5:20:03 AMLeon Das Wrote: [ -> ]There are lots of post or guides about writing in different parts of the forum. It would be better to place them all under one thread like this one. I do not know if it can be done, but reading about the goal of this University, all the guides dealing with  how to write or about grammar should be placed here.

Nah, we will link to it in our table of content so everyone can find those guides. Keeping it in a single thread is pretty messy overall so I definitely don't want to do that.

Edit: And then a subforum appears! I don't even know anymore.

RE: Welcome to the University

6/11/2015 12:54:42 PMIcura Wrote: [ -> ]Nah, we will link to it in our table of content so everyone can find those guides. Keeping it in a single thread is pretty messy overall so I definitely don't want to do that.

Edit: And then a subforum appears! I don't even know anymore.

I am pretty sure the subform was there before you made your post '-'

RE: Welcome to the University

6/13/2015 8:14:35 AMunice5656 Wrote: [ -> ]I got one almost immediately after posting, and none since. I sent a general feedback overview of things to work on, but I don't think it will be a constant, ongoing collaboration.

I know Chiisutofupuru got one.

As uni said I only got one.
(Put me though an entirely different experience than I expected too).

Edit: Had another... but no longer!