Re: Leecher names for RO2.

AbSoul Wrote: To: Kyrkey
I plan on being "Leecheryukchi" myself.

So far:

Name..................Number....................Class.......Should all leechers be warriors?
qing630__________Leecheryukchi______3 Warrior___yes
(edit: Leechersamchi 3 Warrior yes)
Kyrkey___________Leechersamchi______6 Warrior___yes
(edit: Leecheryukchi 6 Warrior yes)

i noticed that u made a small mistake on the names. if i could i would have edited myself but i cant. Crying or Very Sad

Thank you. I have fixed it.

Re: Leecher names for RO2.

Hi All,

Seems that Leechers will be mostly warriors / melee classes so I'm selecting Anon if that's allright~

Dibs on AnonYeong for me :

Name: AnonYeong
Number: 1
Class: Magician/Sorcerer
Job: Blacksmith

Vote for all leechers to be warriors: yes?

I'll be starting today once I've downloaded the client,
please add me to the RR guild if you happen to see me,

Re: Leecher names for RO2.

A limit of 14 characters makes this near impossible beyond 10. Leecherchi is already 10 letters, and there's only so many 4-letter numbers. Either we drop the chi, go for anon(number) or type the number in numerals. By my estimate, the numbers of the right lenght left are:
1 (il)
2 (i)
10.000 (man)
20.000 (iman)
50.000 (oman)
100 million (eok)
1 trillion (jo)
However, since there's still a few numbers left, I'm going for number 5, Leecherochi. Yes to all warrior.