RE: Will do simple & free art

Hey can you make Techno from Clockwork.

Specificly the Asura and Yasha body.

Asura model i used

Yasha model i used

The clockworks only have 1 face so for asura only make the normal face.

I don't want the weapons.

Yasha is 180cm and with a lead muscular body (leaning a bit more towards a trained knight then thin lead)
light blue hue on his skin. His eyes can be similar to the pic but more included towards a gentle calm face instead of a dangerous one
He has four arms which aren't plate armor and look more like just a regular built robot plate

Asura is 250cm and his a muscular body (think body builder or a knight in full plate armor)
Light red hue on his skin with an someone angerer face .
He has six arms but looks like he is waring armor but not heavy. Around the chest and arms you can make it look like basic knight armor but robotic (same for Yasha) and the legs look like regular human like robot legs.

Both of them have a few steam pipes coming out their back just below the head. you can make them small since they are simple exhaust.

guess thats it. If you need more details PM me with questions.