Will do simple & free art

I'd like to improve my art work and I think this is a great way to do so since I can give back to the community.

I prefer traditional like watercolor and stuff. I can also photoshop but since I don't own a laptop, It'll take me longer to do it that way. I'm just borrowing my sis' laptop!

Also, It'll be a great help to describe your character when making a request like his general attitude.
If these can help...


Umm.. here are some of my works

http%3A%2F%2Fs6.postimg.org%2Fdvg02ks3x%2Flit_marked.jpg    http%3A%2F%2Fs6.postimg.org%2Ft4jplkpxp%2Fthecodeeee.jpg   http%3A%2F%2Fs6.postimg.org%2Fq0okofk25%2Fhalcyon_cover.jpg

http%3A%2F%2Fs6.postimg.org%2Fik9s2zlfx%2Fthecode2.jpg   http%3A%2F%2Fs6.postimg.org%2Fs5jn1qgr1%2Fbath.jpg   http%3A%2F%2Fs6.postimg.org%2F7bu9gm5al%2Fthecode_girl.jpg  

http%3A%2F%2Fs6.postimg.org%2Fg9oocd5xp%2Fsmall_san.jpg   http%3A%2F%2Fs6.postimg.org%2F5tezt9s25%2Fehhhth.jpg   http%3A%2F%2Fs6.postimg.org%2Fh1xrusv9p%2Fehhh.jpg

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Hey, those pictures look great! I really like your simplistic but yet accurate style ^^

 Also would you mind trying to draw a very fantastical creature?  It's a character design I've been thinking about for a while but my mind isn't suited for graphical images and I can't really find a picture showing anything even close to it.  So if you have time and daring, I would be very glad to see you try your hand at it. 

Spoiler :
It would be a person with an eagles beak and two slanted eyes. His hands are wings but with three claws  at the top while his legs are clawed also (like the dragon below). He has a snake like tail to balance in the air when he's flying. 

What I'm most interested to see is whether you can make him human like (but with those features I described above) but look decent while standing on all four. http%3A%2F%2Fi.gyazo.com%2F2e0a315dc92fe1a98b69a7428154baa4.png I wonder if he could stand like this dragon, just with feather wings . (And if so whether it would be his only way or could he stand on two legs too and move around normally.)

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I know, I said with feather wings but I really enjoyed making this one (っ´▽`)っ

05/17/2015 17:27:48raz0r151 Wrote: [ -> ]Hey if you want i can color any linework you want! I have linework so can i just color yours?
heres my DA http://raz0r151.deviantart.com/
you can have all the credit, i'm just bored

Oh you can pick anything you want from here:
But if I have to choose, this one will be great:

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I can't say it doesn't look good. It does. I'm saving it for future reference, with your name to know who was the magnificent artist who's done it! Feathers would have been a nice touch, but having a friend artist I know they're a pain to make. I heard her complaining about them enough. So yeah, big thanks for trying your hand at this. I really appreciate it ^^

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Hey, that looks great! How long did you spend doing all those feathers? ;D

Anyway, huge thanks for all these pictures. They're amazing! And now I finally have a better grasp of how my character looks which is a very big thing. Thanks once again, awesome drawings and see you around!

Btw here's a virtual homemade cake! Hope it's tasty! (I'm pretty sure II used sugary white flowers and not lilies-of-the-valley for the topping..... Hmm... I'm pretty sure... Why is the box with prepared sugary sweets unopened..?)

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I have to say, your drawings are wonderful.

I'd love it if you would try your hand at any of the characters in my story. I'll describe them all, but don't feel like you have to do them all or anything.

My MC is a tall, skinny female elf with purple eyes and hair, wearing lightweight, flexible armour. Her weapons are punching blades and bladed leg armour which are detailed really specifically in my story. Ignore all of this if it's too much trouble, but I'll include the relevant passages here:

Punching blade:
Spoiler :
A punching blade's handle was held horizontally across the palm in a fist-like grip. The metal extended perpendicularly from the side opposite the thumb, extending in both directions. One end curved around the fist in a sharpened arc like the edge of a spade, while the other flowed down the length of the forearm, past the elbow, in a flattened curve designed for defence

Bladed leg armour:
Spoiler :
Several important modifications to standard plate legs made the armour eminently suitable for kicking attacks. Four stripes of higher-grade steel ran down the front, sides, and back of the legs so that slashing attacks would be caught by the stronger metal, allowing the player to fight against swords without fear of taking damage. The front stripe of metal running down the shin was a raised, sharp edge that could cut like a sword; three similar raised edges ran down the top of the boot to ensure maximum damage from kicking attacks. A single short-but-pointy spike protruded from the toe of the boot, three from the heel, and the heel itself was made of solid metal to ensure kicks were capable of bone-crushing, internal bleeding-causing force.
Additionally, instead of a standard rounded metal piece to cover the kneecap and provide the hinge at the knee joint, the armour covering Fey's shins extended to a hand's length above the knee in a curved leaf shape, with a sharpened edge that ensured anyone she chose to knee in the groin would take a lot of damage. To ensure both flexibility and protection, the areas where plate armour normally left gaps were instead covered by diagonally criss-crossing stripes of metal that could slide over each other to accommodate the player's movements.
To top it all off, Senaia handed Fey a pair of weighted rings, 200g (about half a pound) each. “What are these for?” Fey asked, finding the latch mechanism that allowed the rings to open on a hinge.
“You clip these on the middle of your foot to give your kicks more momentum,” Senaia explained. “Having extra weight at the end of your legs takes a great deal of energy, so you should remove them when you are not fighting.”

Other than my MC, there's a (male) human warrior tank in heavy armour, a (male) angel paladin with longsword and dragonscale armour, and a (female) blue-skinned mermaid mage.

My MC actually has pets as well who are important characters in the story. I know you wrote that you're practicing manly stuff, but if you ever get the urge to draw a purple Maplestory-style slime, a miniature boar, a short-eared rabbit made out of shadow, or a falcon with fire powers, I'd love to see those too.

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Hi drealicious, i had watched your drawing and it's all great, especially your drawing of Lumina for Just4Fun, i really liked it.
If you don't mind, would you like to draw a cover for my story? I had just started writing on this site, and instead of picking some random images from google and made it as a cover, i would like to use something special instead. So if you had the time, please reply :D