FanFic Category List

This list is temporarily, new one will be implemented on 31/10

Fan Fiction List

  • Action

  • Comedy

  • Crossover *

  • Gender Bender *

  • Fantasy

  • Mature

  • One Shot

  • Original

  • Reader-Interactive*

  • RPG

  • Royal Road System

  • Unknown

  • Virtual Reality

* Are categories also based on Royal Road






Gender Bender*





RoyalRoad System
Spoiler :

"The" Titles


Virtual Reality

[*] The Unfortunate Fool By lin4t

In case you don't see a Fiction here, a link to a Fiction is incorrect, or if the fiction in the Unknown category is known, please contact me [Wing] and inform me.

Re: FanFic Category List

llye Wrote: can u guys keep it all in series, it's really hart to get used to every change......when I learn where each is, you change it :(

I belive that the new way is far better
you currently, can view all the series on the forum in one place
in the Series, tab
or you can view the lists, according to which ever way is more comfortable to you,
be noted that the same series are being used, simply each time in a different arrangement,

you have
Series List > which is alphabetical order
Latest Updates List
Most Popular List
Ongoing Series List
Inactive Series List
Newest Series Added

just pick how you want to view the list, and feel free to do so.
also there is the search bar, which can get you to where you want ... :D
if you have any feedback about it, or any recommendations, please feel free to note them.

Re: FanFic Category List


I have the post and have sorted the FanFic titles alphabetically. However, I know for a fact that there are many missing titles here. So FanFic Authors, if you don't see the title of your FanFic, please reply to this thread or send a message to one of the Administrators to add yours.

On a side note, how many members still view this thread? o.o

Re: FanFic Category List

Prometheus Wrote: I don't know if u guys are in the process of doing this but are u guys making a reincarnation tab?

There's been talk about it, so it will probably be added at some point. But rumour has it that the whole site will get a little revamp in time to come, and as such I think they're holding back on the small adjustments till afterwards.

Don't take my word for it. [th_084_.gif]