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CryptIXeeper Wrote: So, the subject is just how it sounds.

I'm under the impression that Royal Road doesn't have Time Dilation, and that it's 6 Real Time Hours, per 1 Royal Road Day.

Am I wrong in this? Or is there actually Time Dilation in that its 1 Real Day(24 hours), per 4 Game Days that feel like 24 hours of real time per day?

Well I'm not sure at all, I don't think it was clarified in the book. It just said 4game days=1real day. I would think that they have time dilation because it seems to be super long days. If it didn't have it then the days would be super long and mentally damaging. Like mind experiences 72 hours reality only 24. Idk if the book clarifies and you make a good point. Hmm.. We might have to ask the author.

Re: Clarifying Royal Road: Game Time Vs Real Time

deskent Wrote: here what we can read in volume 15. As for interpreting it, i find it hard ^^
Spoiler :
A dungeon exploration spanning five days!
Even considering the time difference that was four times faster than reality, almost a whole day had steadily passed since they’d come into the capsule room at noon. It was midday in reality, when the sun was hovering in the middle of the sky outside.

... how did I forget that..

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There is time dilation if there wasn't some of the things in later volumes wouldn't be possible.
Spoiler :
when he becomes the king of the desert as part of scrupting master quest one day is 100 days there is no way he can do everything that is said he has done if there wasn't time dilation
while i made that spoiler tag above i still muddled it a bit so if you are wondering you can read it and it won't kill your enjoyment of later chapters too much. its there so if you want to know nothing about untranslated chapter/volumes you can ignore the info.