Re: Ideas for Fanfics

reincarnation idea looking for writer :)

1 char -> 1 time char creation (until next soul perge)
for the first time they can choose the standard stuff: race, looks, star location, name
they play like they want, choose class etc..

players get ressurection orb(can't be stolen,can't be dropped) with a limit( 1,5,or 10 your choice ).
players dies, -1 charge on the orb.
orb depleted, char gets reincarnated.
reincarnations is random(race,name,looks,location,..).
reborn comes with or without a class(for instance father farmer-> you get farmer class or mother herbalist -> daughter also herb).
once grown, char can then look for other class like first time.
reborn can also be monster.
can get choice to keep skill from previous live(skill/with % based on karma points of the soul).
if you get bad karma your next live will be influenced by your karma.

you get tired of your soul and want to start over completely you ask the ai for a soul perge and you start over.

could be an interesting idea for a ff,but i can't write :D

RE: Ideas for Fanfics

How about: MC gets amnesia due to a technical glitch as he entered RR causing his player functions not to pop up like they should. So the MC would believe that he is an NPC as the people outside the virtual reality can't find or get him out or something... would need some suitable explanations to get around the gaping PLOT holes.