Idea: Countdown for Moving to KU

This was a 2am thought and figured I might as well add it to the Suggestions since I didn't see it already. 

For those of you interested in engaging directly with the proposal:

Why not make an official status or countdown that authors can set if they want to announce moving to KU that's more visible to readers?

This isn't a particularly relevant issue to me since I'm happy with my stories on RR, but I see a lot of complaints regarding the whole market situation around the site. I thought something like this could help readers keep up with stories they like, as well as allow authors to facilitate better communication.

Re: Idea: Countdown for Moving to KU

mneue Wrote: I think the onus should go to authors whether they want to announce it or not, and in what means they'll do it.
Yes, I imagine that it would be a feature that authors would self-select into. Even something as simple as whether the release of your next chapter is shown or not depends on whether you check a box. It'd be another author tool in the kit.

mneue Wrote: IMO, MelasD did it best by literally putting it in the title for Salvos.
Yes, exactly! I mentioned this case in the Suggestion site. They changed their title every single day as a countdown.

Re: Idea: Countdown for Moving to KU

Its an interesting suggestion. I think it brings up the question of what people think an author owes readers. I can see how someone reading chapter 37 would be annoyed when chapters 1-60 disappear. But if you haven't started reading a story yet, I find it hard to see that the author owes those readers much. Courtesy and communication are always good, and I think most authors give some warning before they pull a book.

Re: Idea: Countdown for Moving to KU

Or else you could just....

Quote:Hey! ArcAngel here; the author! This will be the last chapter of book 1 that gets posted here, but I will start posting book 2 soon. If you want to read the last few chapters of the book, it is available on Amazon. Sorry, but this book is literally my only source of income, so I need push it occasionally. Anyway, there is a link to it at the top of the page.