How to get a shoutout?

I am an author who's keen on getting more visibility and engagement for my fiction. Like many of us here, I aspire to be featured in one of the highlighted lists on the main page, such as the RISING STARS, BEST ONGOING, or POPULAR THIS WEEK categories. I'm aware that achieving such recognition requires significant engagement in terms of followers and favorites, which is certainly no easy task.

As of now, the only feasible way I've found to gain some exposure is through the "LATEST UPDATES" feature. However, this gives me a fleeting moment of visibility (approximately 10 seconds) before my work gets pushed down the list as other authors update their pieces.

In my perspective, one of the more efficient routes to garner attention is by receiving a shoutout from an established author. I understand that this comes with its own set of challenges, yet it seems like a viable strategy.

So here's my question to this insightful community: What are the best ways to approach and solicit a shoutout from a successful author, or alternatively, are there any other effective strategies to increase my work's visibility and engagement on the platform? Any advice or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all.

Re: How to get a shoutout?

Instead of soliciting the shoutout from the most successful authors, I suggest looking for the writers who write the novel of a similar genre, and most likely share the same audience, exchanging shout-outs with them to expand your viewership little by little. This guarantees some ... cross-pollination... with the followers from the other stories. 

Of course, you can approach the most successful authors, but there are simply too many people desperate for the little boost to get their story going, and you can't trade what the top story needs the most.