How Explicit Do You Get?

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I write harem fantasy novels. My full story has very explicit sex scenes, erotica level. These are on Patreon while the fade to black version of my stories is here on RoyalRoad.

I'm curious if any of the stories you write or read have full explicit scenes here? And to what extent / degree? 

I'm happy with my model as it stands. It's polarizing but I am seeing support from fans as well. I'm just curious to hear other responses.

With my third story I may consider a fully explicit release on RR if its something that others do.


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The Royal Road theoretically allows NSFW content under certain circumstances, properly labelled, and tagged, and of course, as long as it isn't the main part of the overall work. You can, in theory, have explicit scenes. 

I've seen them in some of the stories. 

However, as a rule of thumb, I would suggest either somewhat toning them down or better avoid them altogether, just to say on the safe side. Not because you can't have them, but because there isn't any workable definition of what is actually too much. The RR didn't go down fully "Spacebattles Logic" just yet, but it is better to leave it be. 

The Patreon paywall is very common, actually, but I personally dislike the practice.

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The definition is 15%. The admins have a tool to analyze story content and calculate a % of both the story chapters and story length that are smut-focused (they've posted screenshots of it on the discord). This is primarily because they can only use internal RR advertisements on smut chapters.

I post explicit chapters, which get about a third fewer viewers than non-smut chapters, but I don't mind because I enjoy writing them. Personally I'm not a fan of stories that lock chapters away (rather than doing the early release routine), but I can't complain about people doing what they need to do to get paid.

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Quote:“Something wrong?” Redacted asked and relieved some pressure from her shoulders.

She was not quite sure how to ask, she had pounced on her as though she knew what to do and now lost the way ahead. “I am wondering. We are two pots and no spoon.”
“They aren’t required, are they? I think I am more of a pan anyway.” Redacted snorted. “Doesn’t matter to me if it is spoon or pot. Never cooked with either.” A simple smile twitched over her face. “I suggest we start learning to cook together.”

That is as lewd as I ever go. Taken from book two.

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Mine has sexual content but that's not the main focus and main plot of the story. I read RR has a certain percentage of sexual content and I just try to stay under that.