20,000 Word Review Swaps to Celebrate 20 Chapters Published! [3/5]

Finally feeling better about my story after getting 20 chapters published! Still learning to celebrate the small victories so here I am trying to spread the joy. Let me know if you would like to do a review swap for 20k words. Anything goes! I'm not a picky reader and I'll read anything.

Here's my story:
Cursed Tongues

Times are always tough in the subterranean world of Luo Shan, where all practitioners of magic deemed illicit by the British Empire are banished underground to fend for themselves. Abyss creatures and starvation stalk around every corner, waiting to sink their teeth into any unfortunate victim that wanders into their path. 

After four long years, the Darktide looms on the horizon once more, more sinister than ever before, and times have never been tougher. As the people of the Undercity scramble to stockpile enough food and prepare for the incoming Abyss horde, restlessness spreads through the limestone caverns. Strange deaths begin to crop up in the once-safe city.

Meanwhile, a young boy is left to fend for himself and his father in the dangerous world of the Nameless Town when his father is grievously wounded by a man seeking revenge...

20k words is around Chapter 9. Let me know if you're interested in the story and would like to do a review swap! C:

[3/5 slots filled]
Bloodstained Skies: The Core of Rage
Lilith: Demon Lord, Witch, Mad Scientist, and Enemy of the State
A Warrior's Ballad

Re: 20,000 Word Review Swaps to Celebrate 20 Chapters Published! [2/5]


hyletic Wrote:
indaysinaya Wrote: This sounds interesting! And congratulations on hitting that landmark! I'll add your story and hopefully leave a review soon!
Thanks! Which story of yours would you like a review of?
Quote:The one entitled 'A Warrior's Ballad'. I look forward to reading your story and leaving a review soon. Happy reading!