Re: Describe your Book/Series/Arc as short and poorly as possible: Part 2

The First Flame in a nutshell:

Carnivore: "An edge lord and a cute anime girl settle down while trying not to get romantically involved.
Horizons: "Said edge lord gets his ass handed to him 15 different ways while the cute anime girl realizes she's already in love with him, all the while the Reapers are coming."
Cerulean: "Said edge lord and cute anime girl go into the bone zone while the Reapers are still coming."
Unbecoming: "Well shit, the Reapers are here."
As machines fight gods and we find ourselves under new skies, the earth crumbles beneath the stars as our reality cries.
The First Flame Volume 4: Unbecoming, new chapters every Monday 20:00 CST