Re: What's a unique main base location for a zombie story?


mneue Wrote: I think the stupidest setting would have to go to Attack Of The Moon Zombies, which is exactly what you think it is.

I have to admit, the moon was my first thought, followed by underwater zombies, but not in a base, just walking around on the ocean floor attacking deep sea divers.

I like the tree house idea, from the point of view of a longer term apocalypse. What if the floor really was lava forever? A lava of zombies! Kind of the inversion of humanity moves underground but requires less technology than a floating city. How to build new treehouses and plant new trees?

I think zombie stories from the pov of animals could be interesting. How about lemur zombies? A young lemur must escape as their colony becomes infected!

Also if anyone hasn't seen the film Black Sheep, it's worth a watch.

Re: What's a unique main base location for a zombie story?


Quote:I think for something unique, you should go historical.
Medieval zombie outbreak! You are the local noble, holed up in your castle with your family, while the pitchfork-wielding ehmm... brain-eating peasants want to get inside. As a bonus, the nearest possible help is the noble in the next castle over - unfortunately, your army of 20 raided his lands juuuuust before the outbreak, and he hates your guts :)

Or a group of innocent Northmen Traders, just arriving at Lindisfarne realize, the monastery, they wanted to "trade" with, was overtaken by the walking dead!

Re: What's a unique main base location for a zombie story?

given that a major component of good stories is jeopardy and loss - nowhere? if the zombies are really all that threatening and u can consistently defend a static location then your logic is broken, i mean shit, prolly 90% of zombie stories only even start when base defenses fail 'cause the mc showed up.


dug into the sides of the grand canyon, or some windy n echoey channel that makes tracking by sound and scent difficult.

in the middle of a field of wind turbines that drive the zombies mad like neighbors.

hyperloop tunnel made of engineered self-repairing/self-sealing flesh that was the originator of the zombie virus.

an ex- paraffin refinery