What is your protagonist currently doing?

In the current chapter of your current WIP, what is your main character doing?

Make your explanation short and funny.

Mine is travelling in a (stolen) private jet from Orlando to Amarillo in the company of a British spy and an alien river goddess.
They are pretending to be ghost hunters to gain access to a gift shop's basement as there is portal to an alien planet hidden there.

Re: What is your protagonist currently doing?

Accidentally killed something, but isn't certain what it is.

Edit: I'll give my readers a little more insight to what's going on. She has just been introduced to a class (actually two) of character that serves the same purpose of the Omar in Dues Ex: The Invisible War. Black Market merchants who rely on corrupted tech for their survival.
I'm setting them up to play a role down the road a bit.
Tasìa del Alma-Gris
Book One: The Gray Soul
Book Two: The Premie Harvest
Book Three: The Ascendant City
Science Fiction Mystery
A thief in a post-apocalyptic
South America struggles
to survive and thrive.

Quote:Through my reading, I was engrossed
An tale of interest, you may boast
A real page turner, I stayed up late
Hooked, I read several chapters straight


Re: What is your protagonist currently doing?

Taking a helicopter ride back to Tokyo, with his suddenly wheelchair-bound, now temporarily half Catgirl, childhood friend fiancee, to pick up his University junior fiancee, who is recovering from grave backlash injuries, caused when the bad deals she made with the Rakshashi cohabiting her nearly caused her to have to kill him. Oh, and his Fae Kamaitachi Princess fiancee is also there, I guess...