Review/rating swap: 10k, military sci-fi, space opera

Hi! I would like to do a quick review and rating swap because I just re-released my old book.
I published only the prologue but I will send the rest in DMs.
I will read everything except: romance, YA, erotic stuff



After years of tension, war has finally come to the Union worlds. Hordes of rebels, seeking revenge for their lost worlds, ravage the Peripheral Zones.

One of the leaders of the rebellion is Charon Antares, a strict and shrewd warrior who doesn’t accept any weaknesses or cowardice. He has been struggling for years to liberate his planet, Zetherion, from the Union control. When another one of his braver mission ends in disaster, the rich and powerful sovereign plans to deprive him of his authority. To save his status, Antares agrees to execute her insane order that may cost the lives of thousands of his people.

A young and easy-going girl named Cerridwen lives in a peaceful world. One day, by accident, she comes in Antares’s way. When she finds out about the tragedy that happened to her family, she vows revenge, but without collaboration with Antares and the rebels, she will not be able to fulfil her plan.

Meanwhile, a group of the Union scientists decides to end the rebel’s invasions, once and for all - they build a deadly, inhumane weapon out of sight of the government.

Re: Review/rating swap: 10k, military sci-fi, space opera

Sat here with nothing in my writing pile - happy to have a look. Mine is in my signature.

Edit, sorry, just started to have a look and you dont have 10k here to read, so a swap wouldn’t be appropriate,
I’ve commented on your formatting - I think the way you justify the paragraphs is a bit inhibiting to a reader’s enjoyment. The piece starts well, pulls us into the world with no compromise to a new reader, which I like. Would read on if there was more ;)