Western or Eastern? (Help us pick a theme for our new event!!!)


Hello and welcome everyone! peohello

The Epic Battle Game (EBG for short) community is about to open a new event, this time with a high fantasy setting. As far as we're concerned, this could be like a standard medieval fantasy, or something more original. The round is inspired by various things, such as Elden Ring, Genshin Impact, League of Legends and many more fictions out there.

Now, the problem is that, we're trying to decide whether this should be more western or eastern. Western means more generic, like classical story of Tolkien elves, just more magical. The western type focus on nature, the environment and organism there, so it allow more unique ecosystem, many interesting flora and fauna. You can almost consider it an alien planet, but with some supernatural elements, such as gods and demons. The plot could be about good and evil, light and darkness, about those protecting the world, against those that tried to corrupt everything there.

The eastern version however is more oriental, most likely inspired by Japanese fantasy, such as youkai parade and such lore. This would be more action-packed and spiritual, less scientific and more fantastic, as the focus is not the environment, but the gods and demons themselves. Most likely got some martial art tournament vibe, but could still be about nature.

We have tried gathering votes, but not much here to help us out. So for whoever interested, the link to our twitter below would explain each ideas in greater detail, and please vote which one that we should use for our new event!