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I think my own work (in the signature) would fit dystopian fantasy and a crazy MC... though, might not be the kind of crazy you'd expect... 
a world gone crazy, check. 
Escape? There's no escape! Or is there? 

Might be your jam, if so, have fun! ^;^
(Not exactly an urban fantasy though.)

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Re: Dystopian fantasy/urban fantasy

A few that might work for you:

Really intricate and incredibly well thought out dystopian fantasy.  Probably valid to call it a litRPG apocalypse, but it has a lot more than that going on.  Everything in the story happens for a reason, but nothing is spoon-fed to the readers.

Very well-written litRPG apocalypse.

Modern dystopian fantasy about a warlock trying to survive without selling his soul for power.

Cyberpunk progression fantasy.  Great pairing of resourceful protagonist and her implanted sentient AI ‘assistant’.

Cyberpunk 2077 self-insert.  Give it a try- it’s much better than I ever expected it to be.

Re: Dystopian fantasy/urban fantasy

In the gutters of New Vultun, the greatest megacity in the world, Avo finds himself resurrected from the clutches of death and tasked with a mission by a father he long thought dead. Now, he must rise to stop the usurpation of reality by the Eight Great Guilds that rule his world. Only by learning from his deaths and grafting newer and greater eldritch gods onto his being can he reach apotheosis and avert certain damnation.

Yet, as he ascends to claim the mantle of divinity, a question lingers... what kind of god will he become?

Doing Gods Work
(First 2 books on amazon)
The gods are real and incorporated. Providence is a profitable global industry.

Loki has been disgraced and trapped in divinity’s answer to crap customer service for three hundred years. The PR machine makes him out to be the bad guy. Him. But that’s what happens when you lose a war.

All he has to do to regain his godly powers is avoid the seers, outwit the executives, and win a rematch against public perception. Easy.

Too bad he's not the only one playing at espionage. When his chief executive is a narcissistic authoritarian and the combined might of the divine powers is ignoring humanity’s problems, he’s bound to aggravate some people — gods and mortals alike.

Re: Dystopian fantasy/urban fantasy

My Dystopians are sort of Sci-Fan. Both Life Without Memory and Dishonor are Dystopian (Life Without Memory is pre collapse of society, and Dishonor is long after the fall of society). 

Dishonor has no actual "magic" in it, but people reading it have commented to me they forget they are reading a sci-fi story and think it is a fantasy. Dishonor is complete. 

Life Without Memory is on hiatus while I build a backlog for it. I do promise I will one day finish it as it is a pet project of mine with an experimental writing style. 

Ghoster, which is currently two short stories, might also be somewhat of what you are looking for, but it's stories set around the collapse of supper technological world.
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