still on RS, 300 followers and a full rating!


I got a full rating. My collection is finally complete. DrakanPotato
The law of the world dictated that I got that last 2,5 star at the same time as my 300th follower, and I thus celebrated!
My follower has tripled since my previous celebration.
I still shook my head in disbelief that this fiction gained traction and still glided in RS even after three weeks.

Re: still on RS, 300 followers and a full rating!

parkertallan Wrote: Congrats. All those 5 star ratings is quite impressive. Their really should be an achievement for getting the every single rating.
I am really thankful to all those 5 star ratings despite my fiction that is written on the fly. 

despite several rating bomb my fiction is smack in the middle of rising stars. i am thankfull to all of you.

my fiction rating is currently at 3,76.

lol i think i have the lowest rating among all the fiction in RS