Husband and Wife writing team with our first story.

Hello everyone,

My wife and I have started writing our first-ever Sci-Fi story together. We were turned on to this website by a friend we asked to help review some of our work. This place seems fantastic, and everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming. We are looking for some recommendations to start reading and also would ask if some people can check out our Prologue and First Chapter. Thanks again, and we are both looking forward to getting heavily involved in this community. 


Re: Husband and Wife writing team with our first story.

Welcome. I hope you enjoy RR and your fiction finds an audience.
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Re: Husband and Wife writing team with our first story.

Welcome. Highly recommend you check out the beginner's guide in Cinn's signature above and definitely add a link to your story in your signature as Drim suggested. The best way to get to know the community is to be active in the Forums. To get more feedback you can checkout the Reviewing sub-forum for comment and review swaps. You do need 10k works posted for review swaps, but it looks like you're well on your way there.

I had an opportunity to check out your synopsis and the second paragraph is excellent. I'd recommend trying to rewrite the first paragraph so it has a similar tone. Here's a very rough rewrite.

Carson Craft spends his days working in the mines of a Titan government mining station. That is until he discovers a mysterious artifact which is capable of opening portals to other planets. His mundane life is suddenly changed as his discovery threatens the fragile peace between the governments of the Solar System.

Hope you both enjoy being here and that many people read your story. Good luck.