Anyone have an interesting idea for an Aura power?

My MC is a healer but he is such an introvert he is trying to go solo as much as he can.  His powerset has worked best with a party but he is becoming more self-sufficient in Book 2.  

He is due for an aura power but everything I have come up with seems forced.  He would rather get a power that impacts enemies but he might learn one for helping allies if it was really interesting.

I'm open to either offensive aura or support aura.  I just hate everything I have come up with.

What do you guys have?

Re: Anyone have an interesting idea for an Aura power?

I'm going to guess that an Aura Power is something that puts up an area of effect spell around him?

If so, then offensive abilities would be an aura that does a small amount of damage each round to enemies, set them on fire, slowed them, or weakened their moral. Support abilities could increase moral and bravery, increase chances to hit and damage, small amounts of constant healing, stamina and mana regeneration. Non-combat abilities might make travel easier, or faster. Conceal the party while moving or camping. 

Be careful with these. They can be very powerful in RPG's and Online gaming, and readers will have expectations on how they can be used in interesting ways. 

Re: Anyone have an interesting idea for an Aura power?

Since he's a healer, something like an aura of peace might be interesting. Allies feel relaxed and clear-headed. Monsters become friendly. Bandits who were about to attack and rob him suddenly aren't feeling it anymore. I think you could come up with a lot of interesting strategies for dealing with different situations. But it would tend to lead your MC down the path of becoming something like a tamer or diplomat, and since you say he's an introvert, maybe that's not where you want the story to go.

What determines which aura power people get in that world? Do they choose the one they want to learn? Or is it chosen for them by the system?

Re: Anyone have an interesting idea for an Aura power?

Human Wrote: What about an illusion/mind/perception aura? 

- can hide him alone or with a groups when traveling from monsters , also when camping
- Can confuse enemies in combat
- Calm injured people so he can work on them and heal them

Interesting.  That is something I hadn't thought of at all.   Though interestingly enough the character started with an indifference effect that I dropped.   

Re: Anyone have an interesting idea for an Aura power?

A mana stealing aura might be something you could play with. It might be difficult to make useful without being completely overpowered though, depending on the magic system at use. Probably need something like "drains 0.1-1% of affected entities' MP and restores 1(or 50% of drained MP, whichever is lower) MP to the caster per sec." Enough to help over a long battle, but with a hard cap on what the caster can actually gain. Could also use it to drain allies of their MP to heal them; keeping characters in the fight or ready for the next fight while also raising the stakes by weakening MC and the healed ally by lack of MP.

If aura powers could be passive with an additional "active" ability, you could do mana steal that charges and then can be activated to cast an aura of healing. By keeping the drained MP within the skill itself and not the MC's mana pool you can have it instantly charge against a large group without keeping MC at max mana the whole time. Add in a cool-down and even if it instantly charges there's still the problem of when it should be used.

An aura of shielding that increases defense or slowly applies a layer of damage absorption is also a good support skill. Again with the idea of active effects over the passive effect, you could have it apply damage or knock-back proportional to the percentage of max defense/absorption applied. Focusing not on being a damage dealing ability and more on being an opportunity to escape enemies attempting to flank/surround you. (The slowly applied defense/absorption idea assumes the effect is reduced or removed after a single hit or by the amount of damage absorbed.)

Could also consider other slow building buffs to attack damage and spell damage, or MP cost or such, as well. I would have the charge completely consumed after each action that was benefited by the buff. These kinds of buffs can benefit working solo while greatly benefiting working with a team.

Re: Anyone have an interesting idea for an Aura power?

This going to be borrowing from my own story, but you could try aura manipulation so that you can make a defensive and offensive type.  In case of my character, they're able to use it as a protective layer around them or channel it to their fist to deal internal damage rather than surface level damage, making it significantly more effective in combat as they're able to damage and rupture organs.  But they're also able to move it around to increase defense to a specific area as well if it's too weak.  And it's a manipulatable form it can technically become other things as well, so it's got versatility.